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Adam Grimes – Options Trading
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Learn all about trading options. No hype. No complex math.

Understand when, why, and how to use different options strategies in your trading. Our approachable, thorough, 12 chapter course teaches you the concepts behind how options work (the greeks) and how they can be integrated into your trading.

No Hype

You need to focus on the nuts and bolts of how options work to be successful trading them. Not chasing “secret” strategies and high returns. Social media is full of lies, misinformation, and ignorance when it comes to trading and boasting about success. Invest in yourself and add the tool of options to your trading.

Deeper Understanding

You must have a deep understanding of how your tools work to be successful. How is a short put the same as a covered call? How to structure long and short verticals with the same pnl graph. The more you understand the concepts behind options trading the more confidence you will feel in your trading. You’ll be able to spot the fakers online and lose the FOMO.

Understand the greeks. Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega.

Why should you trade options

Pros and cons of different options structures

How and when to use different options strategies

Volatility and time in options pricing

Mechanics of entering and exiting trades

This course will save you time and money

A large part of your journey to becoming consistently profitable is avoiding costly mistakes. Options trading is a minefield of such mistakes. It’s easy to miss something that ends up costing you thousands of dollars when you thought you were risking hundreds. Avoiding these mistakes is critical on your growth path. This course will give you a jumpstart equal to months or even years worth of time and money in your trading.

Course Chapters

I. Intro to Options

  • Six lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 1 hour

II. Trading Options

  • Eight lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 90 minutes

III. Options Pricing

  • Eight lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 1 hour 40 minutes

IV. Volatility

  • Eight lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 70 minutes

V. Simple Directional Strategies

  • Seven lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 60 minutes

VI. Understanding Delta & Gamma

  • Seven lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 60 minutes

VII. Understanding Theta & Vega

  • Seven lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 30 minutes

VIII. Position Greeks

  • Four lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 45 minutes

IX. Core Strategies

  • Nine lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 2 hours

X. Supporting Strategies

  • Five lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 90 minutes

XI. Theoretical Strategies

  • Five lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 60 minutes

XII. Practical Trading

  • Four lessons
  • Chapter length ~ 70 minutes