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Adam Set – exclusive Footprint and market profile

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Adam Set – exclusive Footprint and market profile
Adam Set – exclusive Footprint and market profile $600.00 Original price was: $600.00.$99.00Current price is: $99.00.

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The Footprint is an incredible way to objectively view the market. It’s a flexible tool that reveals the actual interaction between buyers and sellers which will allow you to have confidence in executing your trading strategies.

I find the footprint to be the most versatile form of orderflow so that any trader of any strategy can use this in conjunction with their every-day analysis.

In this class I’ll be releasing a video every 1-2 days (using what the market is telling us). These videos will be breaking down each session into key principles that we can identify and observe. We will then use these principles to build trading strategies that are repeatable by nature so that the next time you see these conditions develop, you’ll be prepared to execute.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn orderflow, I’ll be doing my best to teach it.

Class will run for 10 RTH sessions, Followed by a 5 session interactive observation period, And finished with a further 5 sessions into graduation.

My platform : Sierra Charts

You will need a form of Footprint / Number Bars to follow along.