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Adele Revella – Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0

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Adele Revella – Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0
Adele Revella – Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0 $349.00 Original price was: $349.00.$19.99Current price is: $19.99.

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Learn the industry’s #1 method and become a buyer persona expert

Are you ready to build your buyer persona expertise and be recognized for your accomplishment? Attend our online workshop to learn the industry’s #1 method for gaining actionable insight into buying decisions and the people who make them. Within a few hours, you can acquire the skills and knowledge required for certification as a Buyer Persona Subject Matter Expert.

Become a Certified Buyer Persona Expert

Have you noticed how many companies are seeking marketing professionals who understand buyer personas? To help you earn the recognition you so richly deserve, we offer an online knowledge assessment at the conclusion of the workshop. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to assess your new learning and display a Buyer Persona Subject Matter Expert badge on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

What You’ll Learn In Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0?

  • Why insight into your buyer’s decision is missing in most personas
  • How 5 Rings of Buying Insight reveal your buyer’s experience
  • What you can do with the 5 insights to guide your sales and marketing engagement
  • Why it’s important to think about your goals for personas before you build them
  • How to decide which people you need to interview and how many interviews it will take
  • Learn how to design a study that tells you how many personas you need and how to prove it
  • Why you need to be thoughtful about how you source your interviews
  • How to find people to interview and persuade them to talk to you
  • What to do to confirm the interview appointment and prepare for success
  • Why surveys and focus groups don’t work and how this method is unique
  • How to use the interview guide to walk buyers through every step in their journey
  • Why and how your stakeholders need to experience your buyer’s story
  • How to choose quotes from the interviews and find patterns that reveal personas
  • How to ensure your personas explain what buyers want from engagement with you
  • Why you need to segment buyers based on their buying experience
  • How to use your interview results to choose the right number of personas
  • Tips for explaining the value of buying insights to your stakeholders or clients
  • Consequences when companies don’t understand their persona’s buying experience
  • The future of buyer personas and how to assure they achieve their highest potential