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Aeromir – 0 DTE Options Trading Workshop

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Aeromir – 0 DTE Options Trading Workshop
Aeromir – 0 DTE Options Trading Workshop $999.00 Original price was: $999.00.$25.00Current price is: $25.00.

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What are 0 Days-to-Expiration (DTE) Options Trades?

0 DTE option trades are trades that expire the same day the trade is entered. These trades are commonly referred to as “0 DTE”, “same-day expiration” or “same-day expiry” trades.

SPX options now have daily expirations and plenty of available liquidity. This is why we primarily trade SPX options.

There are many ways to trade 0 DTE options that include directional or non-directional trades. We primarily focus on non-directional trades but traders can take a directional position using options in different ways.

What are the strategies covered in the workshop?

These are the main strategies that were covered in the workshop:

  • Jim Olson Iron Butterfly – This is a wide butterfly spread entered at the open of trading. Typical trades are opened and closed in 10-20 minutes.

  • Narrow Iron Condor – Dan Harvey combined an Iron Butterfly and an Iron Condor and created the Narrow Iron Condor. This trade is highly flexible and has had an 80-85% win rate for multiple people in our community.

  • The Morning Fade – Scot Ruble at used this technique in the CBOE pits as a market maker and still uses it today. It has roughly an 80% success rate.

  • Trading the Market-on-Close (MOC) buy/sell imbalance – Scot Ruble at uses this technique at the end of the day to go long or short in the last 10-minutes of trading if the right conditions are met.

  • The Wide Iron Butterfly – Amy Meissner will teach one of her favorite strategies that she has excellent results with.

  • Amy’s Iron Condor Variations – Amy Meissner will teach her favorite iron condor strategies.

  • Wayne’s Calendar spreads – Wayne Klump will teach how he trades Calendar spreads using his proprietary tools.

  • Out-of-the-Money Vertical Spreads – Tom Nunamaker will teach how he uses far-out-of-the-money vertical spreads that expire the same to day to harvest money from the markets. Tom had 12 of these trades in February with no losers that made just under $900 using $3,000 to $9,000 of margin each day.

  • Breakeven Iron Condor – John Einar’s most profitable options trade. John Einar had an annual yield of more than 70% in 16-months of trading. Tom Nunamaker will show you an easy way to load these trades into thinkorswim.

  • Asymmetric Risk Butterflies – Ernie at uses asymmetric risk trades to achieve great results with low risk. Tom Nunamaker will review this type of trade and how to quickly find suitable candidates.