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Aeromir – Butterfly and Condor Workshop

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Aeromir – Butterfly and Condor Workshop
Aeromir – Butterfly and Condor Workshop $799.00 Original price was: $799.00.$35.00Current price is: $35.00.

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Butterflies and Condors are popular option trading strategies.

There are many ways to trade butterfly and condor spreads. Some variations change the days-to-expiration (DTE), if they are directional or non-directional, how aggressive or conservative they are and more. Some expiration the same day (0 DTE) or others may expire in a few days to a few weeks or even longer.

What are the strategies covered in the workshop?

These are the main strategies that were covered in the workshop:

  • Narrow Iron Condor – Dan Harvey combined an Iron Butterfly and an Iron Condor and created the Narrow Iron Condor with he trades as a 0 DTE trade. This trade is highly flexible. Dan’s win rate is currently 78%. Dan has been tweaking this trade and it is now his favorite trade. 

  • Newton’s Cradle – Scot Ruble at will teach his “Newton’s Cradle,” which is a way to clean up risk and hedge other positions.

  • Short Butterfly – Scot Ruble at will teach how to trade a short butterfly. Scot converts other trades to short butterflies or opens short butterflies. Short butterflies can be traded with any time frame, including the last few minutes of the trading session each day.

  • The Long Term Butterflies – Amy Meissner will teach techniques and ideas for trading longer term butterflies such as the A14.

  • The Long Term Condors – Amy Meissner will teach techniques and ideas for trading condors. Amy has taught many different types of condors over the years including the Nested Iron Condor and Asymmetric Iron Condor.

  • The Breakeven Iron Condor – John Einar Sandvand will teach his 0 DTE iron condor strategy. John Einar had an annual yield of more than 70% in 16-months of trading. Tom Nunamaker will show you an easy way to load these trades into thinkorswim.

  • The Multiple Entry Iron Condor – Tammy Chambless will teach her 0 DTE iron condor strategy.

  • Introduction to Butterflies – Wayne Klump will introduce the Butterfly Spread.

  • How to Quantify a Good and Bad Environment – Wayne Klump will teach how to quantify a good and bad environment and possible adaptations to compensate.

  • The Rhino Trade – Bruno Voisin will teach the Rhino Trade. Bruno works for a family office in Spain and trades the Rhino in size.

  • The Bearish Butterfly – Ricardo Sáenz de Heredia Murray will teach the Bearish Butterfly. More than just a bearish butterfly, which is what it is, it is a dynamic cost efficient hedge for investments and portfolios where hedging can be much cheaper that other normal conventional strategies. Ricardo runs, which is the largest Spanish speaking options trading web site.