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Alex Cattoni – Own The Inbox Challenge
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In this step-by-step email copywriting own the inbox challenge, you’ll get your hands on Alex’s coveted Copy Posse Email Playbook: 12 fully-customizable and proven emails that create authority, build anticipation, and turn signups into sales. Plus, you’ll discover the list of monetization strategies that Alex has used to help dozens of businesses execute iconic campaigns and hundreds of freelance copywriters get high-paying clients.

Social media and content platforms may have revolutionized the world of digital marketing… but here’s the cold hard truth:

You don’t own your social media audiences. 

Not only are you at the mercy of the constantly-changing algorithm that can disrupt your reach at any moment, but you have very little control over what your actual fans and followers even see

And all it takes is for one of these giant platforms to crash or for your account to get hijacked – and all the work you’ve put into building your audience can be taken from you in an instant.

Luckily… your email list is different. You own it.

You get to decide how often your subscribers hear from you and you get to dictate exactly what messages they see — without worrying about the dreaded algorithm, widespread outages or other social shenanigans that stand between you and the people who want to hear from you.

Plus when it comes to email… 99% of users check their email every single day and most of them open their inbox first in the morning – before looking at social media or even checking the weather…

And with over 4.1 billion email users and counting — this “old-school” marketing medium isn’t going anywhere.

Email is still the single best way to nurture your leads, build authority, and execute epic launches…

But only if you know how to Own The Inbox with copywriting that connects and converts.

Consumers today are savvier than ever before and can smell cookie-cutter content from a mile away.

So, in a crowded inbox of mundane notifications, promotional newsletters, and mediocre messaging…

How do you create content that stands out, sells outs and actually sounds like you?

The secret to designing a high-converting email campaign has nothing to do with how many emails you send, how big your list is, or even what type of product or service you have…

And everything to do with creating an authentic experience that makes your readers feel genuinely heard, included, and inspired by the value that you bring (yes, even when you’re selling something!)

Engaging, empathetic and effective email marketing is rooted in REAL human connection, marketing psychology and proven conversion principles.

It’s not enough to spit out a mediocre email from a ready-made template or A.I. tool…

Nah, that’s what copy-and-paste copywriters do.

If you want to own the inbox you need to know how to craft an entire email experience…

A masterful campaign that speaks to your readers’ REAL wants, needs, and desires and helps them solve a REAL problem.

All the best (and most highly-paid) copywriters are messaging mavens who know how to tell relatable stories, create emotional resonance, and build relationships…

In a way that no cheap-ass template or A.I tool ever could.

That’s what I’m here to teach you.

So no matter what new product you’re launching or irresistible offer you’re selling, if you’re ready to massively level-up your email marketing skills and create an engaging, unpredictable and authentic AF campaign – let’s do this…

In the Own The Inbox challenge, you’ll learn the proven marketing strategies you need to stand out, sell out and win the hearts and minds of your audience – in just 5 days.