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Alfonso Moreno – Set & Forget – supply and demand

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Alfonso Moreno – Set & Forget - supply and demand
Alfonso Moreno – Set & Forget - supply and demand $1,995.00 Original price was: $1,995.00.$30.00Current price is: $30.00.

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In Supply And Demand Trading Course you will learn how to trade using Set and Forgets supply and demand methodology. Capitalism rules the markets in much the same way as the law of gravity rules our planet. Buyers and sellers are in a constant and never-ending battle trying to agree on a fair price on the traded product. The only reason why a price moves in any, and all markets, is because of the imbalance in supply and demand. The greater the imbalance, the greater the move in price. Why do imbalances occur?

  • The currency market, the financial world in general is dominated and ruled by big investors, institutions, central banks and professional trades. They have the ability and capacity to move and change the markets with thousands of orders- These orders create the so called supply and demand imbalances.
  • Daily news occurs and affects the world’s economies
    Positive news usually increases demand, and reduces supply, leading to higher prices
  • Negative news usually decreases demand, and results in an increased supply
  • The retailer and small investor ends up becoming the bait, the liquidity the professional traders need to fill many of their orders. They can’t sell if there are no buyers interested

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to draw supply and demand zones
  • When a new imbalance is confirmed as a zone
  • How to score a supply and demand imbalance
  • Defining a trend. Uptrend, downtrend and consolidation
  • The WoW trade, trendline break at higher timeframe zones

Course Contents:

  • The Trend, The SD Range And The Zones
  • Scoring And Validating Imbalances
  • The Core Rules
  • Trading Plan, Testing And Psychology
  • Counter Trend, Planning _ Settling Your Understanding Of The Rules
  • How Tos And Anatomies Of Certain Patterns
  • Quick Summary Of Most Important Rules

The course is fully updated to the latest version.