Anvar Jabirov – Ecom Creative Powerhouse



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Anvar Jabirov – Ecom Creative Powerhouse
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Anvar Jabirov – Ecom Creative Powerhouse

Module #1: Research Skip the fluff and dive into the essentials. This module focuses on a robust research process, teaching message-mining and reverse engineering success from the competition. The goal is to lower the risk of creative tests and elevate the win ratio for your campaigns.

Module #2: Scriptwriting The foundation of a top-performing ad lies in a persuasive direct response script. Uncover five high-converting video formats, not limited to UGC (User-Generated Content), and explore 21 script writing frameworks with examples. This module provides a risk-free headstart for your next batch of creatives.

Module #3: Decentralized Content Production While many emphasize copy and scripts, visuals are often overlooked. This five-part module unveils a secret strategy to cut down production costs by 65%, halve production cycles, and increase win rates for clients. It sheds light on the critical role visuals play in video creation.

Module #4: Post-Production Retaining viewer attention and driving excitement about your product requires strategic editing. This section teaches you, or your video editor, the psychology behind editing tactics. The goal is to increase average playtime, outshine the competition in ad auctions, and achieve Chad-like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Module #5: Building an In-house Team Once you’ve mastered the process and identified successful creatives, it’s time to scale. This module equips you with knowledge, vetting checklists, and job post examples to build a highly efficient in-house creative team. All of this for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to an agency.

Module #6: Project Management A highly requested resource, this module walks you through a project management workflow. Your newly hired team members will seamlessly integrate into this system, operating autonomously. The focus is on producing new, impactful ads and tracking the performance of each creative test.

Module #7: Media Buying & Iterations Leveraging insights from overseeing more than 100 ad accounts and analyzing $50M+ in ad spend, this module shares long-term winning strategies. Explore creative testing and scaling structures that have stood the test of time. Additionally, discover 13 ideas for iterations to propel winning creatives from $1k/day to $20k/day.

About the Instructor – Anvar Jabirov: Meet Anvar Jabirov, the founder of Creative Flywheel, a direct response creative agency catering to high-growth brands such as Onnit, Nood, Primal Harvest, and more. With over 7,000 unique ad creatives produced in the past two years, Anvar’s team operates in the healthy/beauty niche. Acknowledging the financial constraints many face with his agency’s minimum retainer, Anvar created this training to empower DTC companies of all sizes to break the glass ceiling and scale with impactful creatives.

Ready to transform your approach to e-commerce and marketing? Enroll in Anvar Jabirov’s “Ecom Creative Powerhouse” to gain invaluable insights, practical skills, and a roadmap to propel your brand’s success. Take the leap and scale beyond your wildest dreams with banger creatives.