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BeachBody – 4 Weeks for Every Body 2023

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BeachBody – 4 Weeks for Every Body 2023
BeachBody – 4 Weeks for Every Body 2023 $997.00 Original price was: $997.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Is 4 Weeks for Every Body Right for Me?

Created by Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese, 4 Weeks for Every Body is for anyone who’s looking for a manageable way to get results. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective fitness program that’s easy on the joints. The workouts make it easy to maintain consistency with no-impact exercises that help your overall strength, mobility, and vitality, so EVERY BODY can get results. Autumn recommends pairing these workouts with her breakthrough approach to helping optimize gut health-The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

What Are the Workouts Like?

There are 4 workouts a week for 4 weeks, under 30 minutes each, including a warm-up and cooldown. Using dumbbells and a Core Ball, 4 Weeks for Every Body targets your entire body, focusing on eccentric (lengthening) exercise that leverages the benefits of time under tension to help maximize results. Every minute is purposeful and effective-and designed to complement the results you can achieve with The 4 Week Gut Protocol. There are also 4 optional cycling rides that you can integrate with your workouts-4 Rides for Every Body, which are exclusively for BODi members.

Tools and Equipment

You’ll need dumbbells and a Core Ball. There’s an introduction video, a workout calendar, and printable dumbbell tracker so you can mark your progress week after week.

Exclusively On BODi: 4 Rides For Every Body

These feel-good rides are for EVERY BODY! If you love Autumn Calabrese’s 4 Weeks for Every Body, spice up your routine with these energizing cycling workouts. Each one is under 30 minutes from warm-up to cooldown and is set to Autumn’s curated playlists. Choose between 90’s Hip-Hop, 70’s Disco, 80’s Rock, and Inspiration Ride. You’ll have a blast on the bike as you boost your stamina, build strength, and burn major calories! These Rides are available to BODi Members ONLY. Head over to the BODi page to give them a try!