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Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond – Copy MBA + The Freelancing Masterclass

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Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond – Copy MBA + The Freelancing Masterclass
Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond – Copy MBA + The Freelancing Masterclass $596.00 Original price was: $596.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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What You Get:

Do not buy without reading this section…

Hello. Quick intro.

My name is Mason Doerr, but I’m known online as Cardinal Mason.

Professional writer since 2019. $30M in revenue for my clients, written over 4000 emails, hundreds of ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Worked for 6+ agencies, worked in-house for 6 brands, 10+ personal brands, did 50+ one-off projects in 2021 alone.

Made over $40k a month as a copywriter at my peak. No big deal.

Chase Dimond, my partner, owns an 8-figure marketing agency and has done $250M in revenue for his clients. The number in his bio is low. I’ve been telling him to change it for a year now.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about why you’re really here.

*clears throat*

This sales page was left intentionally bland.

It lacks flavor. It lacks sauce. There’s nothing here.

It looks like that Family Guy segment where Stewie and Brian accidentally go back in time before the universe was created.

Just you and me in a sea of white.

This sales page is going to fulfill the purpose of what you’re about to learn in the course created by Chase and I.

Creating an entire universe of vision, vibrance, and vivid color with words alone.

Copy MBA is meant to do three big, hairy, crucial things that will make or break your life – personally and professionally.

Before you give us your credit card info, you need to know what you’re getting into.

  1. Copy MBA is going to teach you how to get people to do what you want with the written word.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, an artist, a teacher, a parent, a pastor, or a homeless person.

You live in a world where its function relies on a fair exchange of value.

There are two types of people who live in this world: people that get what they want 90% of the time, and people that get what they want 10% of the time.

The people that get what they want 90% of the time (the 90 Percenters) live wonderful, fulfilling lives with an abundance of money, joyful experiences, and beautiful relationships.

They can confidently go anywhere in the world and doors will open for them. Literally and figuratively.

The 90 Percenters can use words and form relationships with anyone – especially gatekeepers – and unlock access to places that the 10 Percenters will never see.

The 90 Percenters see more of what the world has to offer in their short time here.

The 10 Percenters suffer.

The 10 Percenters don’t understand that their attitude and their poise is within their control.

Positioning yourself and using the right words is what differentiates the 10 Percenters and the 90 Percenters.

It is always within your control, and it always has been.

The first thing you’ll learn in this course is how to harness the written word and wield it like a 90 Percenter.

Whether you need sales for a product, clients for your business, a job opportunity from a billionaire, or the phone number of a politician…

The only thing that’ll get you what you want when there’s another person involved is good words.

That was number one. If you’re done reading and you’re ready to buy, just scroll down and do it. I was bluffing. You don’t have to read this.

I’m not the boss of you.

But if you’re intrigued and you’ll allow me to take a few more minutes to get you amped up and ready to work, keep on reading.

  1. Copy MBA is going to teach you how to turn your words into art.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but we don’t get enough art in our lives. And it shows.

We used to be surrounded by masterpieces every day of our lives, even in the most mundane moments.

We’d walk down the street and see buildings crafted by artists.

We’d listen to music. People expressing. Artists.

We’d read poetry to our spouse to tell them we love them. The poet, an artist. The way we’d read it, artistic.

You and I now live in a unique time where creativity and art are actually rare, which means the slightest hint of novelty will allow you to stand out from EVERYONE.

Creative writing should seep into everything you do.

It should bleed out of you.

Whether you’re writing an email to a list of 100 people, a cold email to a stranger, or a journal entry to yourself…

You should be expressive.

Your words should have personality and charisma.

It should give people a reason to keep reading, even if they’re not interested in what you’re selling.

We’re all born with the ability to express and be creative, but some wires get crossed when you go to school, someone tells you that something you said was stupid, and then you give up and become a robot that walks around the mall at 5 pm for “fun”.

It gets washed out of you by well-meaning people that don’t know you, and don’t care for the repercussions.

The creative writing section of this course will put the spark back inside of you and enable EVERYTHING you write to have this contagious energy that inspires your reader.

It’s possible.

If you haven’t tried, even better.

I love a blank slate.

With enough practice (and watching my modules enough times), you will be the art that this world so desperately needs.

  1. Copy MBA is going to teach you how to command respect with words alone.

I’ll tell you a secret. As long as you keep it between us.

Being treated with respect and looked to as an authority has absolutely…


To do with…

How you look.

Or how you smell.

Or what car you drive.

Or what the square footage of your apartment is.

Or what billionaire/politician/influencer you have on speed dial.

Being respected comes down to how you communicate, and that alone.

The good news for you is:

While everyone is out worrying about the wrong things, blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to buy respect, you’ll get it for free. Simply because of how you communicate.

You think I’m joking.

Have you seen a photo of me?

I look 17 years old.

I have an adorable little button nose and a goofy smile.

Yet, somehow, I’ve landed multi-5-figure contracts for my agency, convinced some very important people to work with me, formed relationships with the wealthiest and wisest people who are sometimes 30 years my senior, and have had a hell of a career within 3 years of learning how to write like this.

It’s ALL because of the way I position myself and the way I stand out in someone’s inbox, Twitter feed, or WhatsApp messages.

I’ll teach you how to build trust and turn yourself into an authority that deserves to be listened to.

It’s not difficult. It just requires you to change the way you say things to make yourself sound like a true professional.

I don’t mean “professional”, like you have some big-shot job at a Fortune 500 company.

“Professional” in its original understanding.

You talk like a professional.

You move like a professional.

You work like a professional.

You ARE a professional.

There’s a certain je ne sais quois about the word itself, but you know it when you see it.

And when people see you, they’ll know what they’re dealing with.

And it’ll get you further than you’d ever imagine.

Fun fact. I’m writing this sales page before our course has dropped. So we don’t have social proof.

Which is why I had to pull the big guns out and write 1522 words on this page to convince you that Chase Dimond and I are the people you should be buying a copywriting course from.

So here’s my challenge for you.

Become our social proof.

All you need to do is use the contents of this course to increase your income, increase your metrics for yourself or your clients, create relationships with important people…

And you’ll be on the front page of Copy MBA. The wall of fame.


If you’re a freelancer (or an aspiring freelancer), grabbing The Freelancing Masterclass is non-negotiable.

If you get it at checkout, you get a sweet discount that will not be offered anywhere else.

It goes over:

  1. Everything you need in order to get started with a freelance business
  2. How to create an offer that’ll make it easy to get clients and get hired
  3. How to get clients 6 different ways
  4. A breakdown of your entire sales process and how to make it as easy on yourself as possible (even if you hate selling)
  5. Becoming a master of service delivery, nailing expectations and getting referrals for doing good work

I can read the room.

I’m done talking, and you’re done listening.