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Chris Lazy Marketer – The Conduit Method v2.0

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Chris Lazy Marketer – The Conduit Method v2.0
Chris Lazy Marketer – The Conduit Method v2.0 $195.00 Original price was: $195.00.$15.00Current price is: $15.00.

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This is the most straightforward method for internet entrepreneurs to earn $100K+ year (Or Add Millions in Additional Revenue as an Established Brand)

Learn the failsafe method for eavesdropping on people.

on the verge of making a purchase, free (or almost free)…

And observe how meager trickles of traffic produce a full-time income and more.

Watch the video up top to learn:

How to anticipate “steal” competition prospects in an ethical manner

Why websites with low traffic (less than 50 users per day) can nevertheless generate significant income

Why only one of several routes where this works crazily is SEO

How one of my clients earns more than $800,000 per month using the conduit method

Some of us can still recall the heyday of internet marketing, when it was easy to rank in Google, traffic was cheap, and rivals were uninformed.

Everything just seems to be stretched to the limit these days.

Facebook Ads are still effective, however it’s really challenging to execute ads at a profit these days. The cost of Google Ads is significantly higher.

Furthermore, achieving a high organic ranking in Google is now considerably more difficult and time-consuming.

However, there is one highly successful exception.

You see, targeting brand-new prospects, commonly known as top-of-funnel traffic, is currently the most expensive aspect of marketing. Things like using Facebook advertisements to generate leads for webinars or focusing on a primary term that is evident (like “CRM software”) on Google.

Why is it priced so high? Since everyone is vying for the same keywords and viewers, the cost has increased. They are all attempting to fill their sales funnels with the same prospects in order to inform, engage, and ultimately convert them into clients.

What if, however, there was a method to cut directly to the chase and grab the most promising customers your rivals are generating straight from their sales funnel?

People who they have invested a lot of time and money in educating, cultivating, and preselling…

What if it was actually far simpler, cheaper, and more profitable to contact these potential customers than it was to follow the “obvious” steps?

Presenting The Lazy Marketer:

Learn how to snag customers near the end of the sales cycle, when merely a trickle of daily visitors will suffice to produce significant revenue.

Investigate several ways for doing this, including organic and paid search, YouTube, and more “adventurous” ones.

Examine a real-world “Conduit site” that recently sold for eight figures ($50M!) to understand exactly what this looks like.

The Conduit Method, to put it simply, is about creating websites and marketing strategies that solely target customers, not just site visitors.

“I started out using Conduit Method 1.0 when I started internet publishing.” It was THE course that led me to begin developing a publishing company that generates six figures every month.

“I had the opportunity to purchase a V2 early bird version, and it well above my expectations” (which were high). Chris is an expert in both content creation and affiliate marketing. He imparts all of his knowledge on how to build 6 and 7 figure content sites.

“The detailed examples and content-planning diagrams in V2 are my favorite parts since they explain step-by-step how to get the correct traffic for affiliate commissions. His content strategies, in my opinion, will also work well for publications who make money from display ads.

In reality, I’ve been employing his content strategies to generate highly lucrative traffic, so I know they work. Having the Conduit Method V2 is essential for your publishing toolkit.

Dykstra, Jon

Creator of FatStacks

I really came up with the term “Conduit Method” around ten years ago, when SEO marketers began to realize how profitable it was to only concentrate on producing content that was product-focused, such as product reviews, comparisons, pricing information, etc.

And the trend caught on quickly…

Soon, there were “review” sites in every cutthroat market… But the majority of them provided users with no real information and instead scraped together low-effort, templated content.

As a result, Google recently updated its algorithm, raising the bar for material that is product-focused, which had the unintended consequence of eliminating thousands of affiliates and publishers.

The days of producing a few product reviews, constructing a few links, and calling it a day are long gone.