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Chris Lori – Pro Trader Complete FX Course

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Chris Lori - Pro Trader Complete FX Course
Chris Lori - Pro Trader Complete FX Course $549.00 Original price was: $549.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Course Overview

The Pro Trader Advanced Forex course by Chris Lori offers an extraordinary amount of practical professional knowledge and masterful insights that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Learn to manage trades more effectively, take profit more consistently and reduce your losses. Techniques and knowledge used only by the pros that you can put to practice immediately.

1.1. Chris Lori Introduction
1.2. How to Proceed thru Course
2.1. Forex Overview
2.2. Order Entry Rules
2.3. Order Entry Examples
2.4. FX Flows and BIS stats
2.5. The Carry Trade Opportunity
2.6. Anatomy of a Chart
3.1. Japanese Candlesticks Useful in Forex
3.2. Daily Candlestick Chart Simtrade
3.3. 4hr Candlestick Chart Simtrade
3.4. 60m Candlestick Chart Simtrade
4.1. Introduction to Support and Resistance
4.10. SR Simtrades You Should Consider
4.11. Using 15m Fractals to Enter and Exit Trades
4.12. Keep an Eye on Your 5m Chart When Managing a Trade
4.13. EUR Live Trade and Application of Important SR
4.2. Understanding Resistance
4.3. Understanding Support
4.4. Critical Study of SR Fractals and FX Flows
4.5. Real Trade Example of Why SR is Important
4.6. SR on a Daily Chart Rules!
4.7. Trade within Larger Timeframe SR
4.8. Using Smaller Timeframe to Pick Your Ideal Entry
4.9. 60m EUR Simtrade
5.1. Tom DeMark Uptrend Lines
5.2. Tom DeMark Uptrend example
5.3. Tom DeMark Downtrend Lines
5.4. Tom DeMark Downtrend example
6.1. Common Sense Uptrend Lines
6.2. Drawing Short Term TLÔÇÖs
6.3. Trendline Basics
6.4. Trendlines and Multiple Timeframes
6.5. Common Sense Downtrend Lines
6.6. Top Down Analysis and Trend Lines
7.1. MACD Anatomy
7.2. What is MACD Positive Divergence
7.3. What is MACD Negative Divergence
7.4. How to Trade MACD Top Down
7.5. MACD GBP Simtrade
7.6. MACD CHF Multi Timeframe Divergence
8.1. Introduction to Pivot Points
8.2. Calculating Pivots
8.3. Pivot Probabilities in Buy and Sell Zones
8.4. Trading Pivots in a Trending Market
8.5. Trading Pivots in a Consolidating Market
8.6. Pivot Strategy and Key Reversals
9.1. What is an Economic Report
9.2. Regional Major Market Moving Reports
9.3. You Want to Trade NFP
9.4. What Can Happen at Fundy Time
9.5. Why The Wild Price Action
9.6. Pay Attention to Global Data Releases and Economics
10.1. Importance of Daily Highs and Lows
10.2. A Strategy with Consistent Trade Set Ups
10.3. GBP 15m a Closer Look at Daily HLÔÇÖs
10.4. GBP 15m Intraday example
10.5. EUR 15m a Close Up of the Trade
10.6. Look for Key Levels to Converge with Daily HLÔÇÖs
10.7. GBP Volatility is a Favorite
10.8. You Prefer EUR, Here You Go
10.9. Watch Chris Lori Apply the Strategy Live
11.1. Convergence Trading Strategies
11.10. Fib Retracement Convergence Examples
11.11. Fib Retracement and Extension Levels
11.12. Using Fibs to Protect Your Stop
11.13. CHF 60m Fib SR TL convergence
11.14. EUR Multi Timeframe Simtrade
11.15. EURJPY Daily Chart Reversal
11.16. GBP 60m Trading the Bounce
11.17. Use GBP Volatility with Technicals for Great Entries
11.18. GBP 60m Using Mul