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Cloud9Nine Trading Course
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How Is This Course Different From Other AMT Courses?

You might be wondering, “How is this program different from others?”

I’m glad you asked. This program is like no other. Most programs either teach you market structure or Orderflow, but never both. They will either show you technical analysis, Wyckoff, or even generic AMT, but they’ll never show you the orderflow execution part that goes with it. 
Or some programs will only teach you Orderflow-only and pretend like that’s all you need to trade. These courses are sorely mistaken. I pride myself on having a program that first teaches you high level market structure through an AMT Framework, and only then do we dive into the Orderflow execution aspect. I take your hand and I walk you through when and where you should be executing.

Table of Contents:

Module 1: Location Filters
1-AMT Foundations, Setups, and How to Find Levels

2-Developing a Story


4-Trading the ‘Current Auction’

5-The Secret Sauce Behind AMT Levels

6-Combining AMT with the power of Statistics

Module 2: Orderflow Execution
7-Orderflow: Reading Delta & Positioning

8-Orderflow: How to REALLY Read Cumulative Delta the Right Way.

9-Orderflow: Secret ingredients of a Reversal

10-Orderflow: Absorption | Whales & Sharks

11-Orderflow: Footprint Reading | Machine Gunners & Snipers

Module 3: Trade Management
12-AMT Nuances and Variations

13-How to Add to Winners the Right Way

14-Profit Management

15-Risk Management


17-How to Bet Size the RIGHT Way: A Data Driven Approach.

Module 3: Advanced Orderflow
18-Market Profile Patterns

19-Advanced Orderflow: Absorption Limits.

20-Advanced Orderflow: Absorption Walls.

21-Advanced Orderflow: Turning the Numbers into Relative Percentages.

22-Advanced Orderflow: Quantifying Orderflow.

Module 4: Mental Management
-Trade Visualizations.

-Outcome Permutation Visualizations.

-Thinking in Bets & High RR Locations.

-Post RTH Recap Visualization.

Module 5: Other
-How to create and automate statistical backtests yourself using SierraChart. (Coming soon)