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Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

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Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle
Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle $2,000.00 Original price was: $2,000.00.$29.99Current price is: $29.99.

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Build Freedom and Passive Income Through AcquisitionsProven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses. It’s not rocket science, it’s the class no one teaches.Build a path to freedom through small business acquisition whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or searching for passive income investments.



Learn to become a dealmaker in 30 days!

Unit 1 – Intro – Buying a Business​

  • Welcome to Unconventional Acquisitions
  • What Will You Learn
  • Why Buy a Business
  • Why Now is the Time to Buy a Business
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Business
  • Building Your Team
  • Can I Really Buy a Business?
  • Getting Prepared to Buy a Business
  • Unconventional Acquisitions Personal P&L
  • Unconventional Acquisitions Business Buying Calendar for Excel

Unit 2 – What type of business?​

  • Gaining Clarity
  • Gaining Clarity Worksheet
  • Characteristics of the Business
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Models – Services, Products, and Systems
  • Field Interview: Buying Franchises with Wayne Lucier
  • RESOURCE: Business Buying Checklist
  • Field Interview: Matt Aitchinson – Buying Laundromats, Add-On Companies & Believing in Yourself
  • 5 Worst Businesses To Buy
  • 5 Best Businesses to Buy

Unit 3 – Finding the Business​

  • Targeting the Right Sellers
  • Don’t Try to Do It All – Pick 2
  • Leverage Your Network
  • The FROG Method
  • Roleplay Soliciting Dealflow From Friends
  • Leverage Your Community
  • Roleplay Reaching Out to COI’s
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Roleplay Cold Calling A Business
  • Interview – Overcoming Rejection with Andrea Waltz Co-Author of Best-Seller Go for No
  • How Many Businesses Do I Need To Look At
  • RESOURCE: Network Email Outreach Scripts
  • RESOURCE: 1-Page Seller Email Outreach
  • RESOURCE: Business Broker List

Unit 4 – Selling Yourself​

  • Your Unique Skillset
  • What’s Your Track Record
  • How does the Seller Benefit?
  • Business Buyer Role Play: Your First Meeting
  • RESOURCE: Template NDA
  • Bonus Interview with David Osborn

Unit 5 – How to Value a Business​

  • Laundromat DD & Valuation Case Study
  • How We Value Companies: KISS METHOD
  • Financial Model Walk-thru
  • Common Methods to Value a Company
  • Value of Relationships: Valuing Customers
  • The 3 M Model for Adding Value
  • 5 Steps to Due Diligence Broken Down
  • RESOURCES – Due Diligence Checklist and Letter of Intent

Unit 6 – Negotiating the Deal​

  • Two Warnings
  • Seller Needs Analysis – Know Your Audience
  • Levers: Negotiating Price vs Terms
  • What to Bring to The Negotiation Table: Two Paths
  • Determine Your Level of Competition
  • Buying A Closed Business: Timely Opportunity
  • RESOURCE – Term Sheet & LOI Template
  • RESOURCE – 8 Questions to Ask So You Don’t Waste Time
  • Interview: Negotiation Tactics to Win-Win with Mark Yegge

Unit 7 – Financing the Deal​

  • Financing Important Levers
  • Structuring Owner Finance
  • SBA Lending A Lender Interview
  • Alternative Lending Sources
  • Milestones & Earn-Outs
  • Cash Influx – Percentage of Equity
  • Investor & Operator Partnership
  • Sweat Equity, Revshare, Profit Sharing
  • Empire Flippers CEO: Buying An Online Business
  • Case Study: Seller Financing Structure

Unit 8 – Legal and Contracts​

  • Financial Oversight & Access
  • RESOURCE – 13 Week Cash Flow
  • Most Important Legal Documents

Unit 9 – First 90 Days as a Business Owner​

  • The First Employee Meeting
  • Hiring Your Operator
  • The First 30-60-90 Days Operating the Business