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Dennis Demori – Underground Email Client Workshop

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Dennis Demori – Underground Email Client Workshop
Dennis Demori – Underground Email Client Workshop $197.00 Original price was: $197.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Here are the topics covered in this exclusive 2-hour workshop.

  • How to make as much as $50,000 a month — or more — writing daily emails for clients
  • How Islam runs his business while working less than 3 hours a day
  • How to find the best clients while rejecting the rest

Plus: How Islam’s able to charge these ridiculously high fees even though he’s not an A list copywriter (just a regular guy who’s an average writer).

You’ll also discover:

  • The Benfifi Way to get clients fast on Linkedin or any social media channel
  • How to ethically “spam” clients and have them thank you for it
  • The shortcut that nobody talks about to get all the clients you can handle with minimum (to zero) upfront work
  • How to create the exact roadmap to your dream income, and how to get there in 10 weeks, with a couple of hours of daily work
  • The secret to pick and choose your dream clients. The ones that make your life easier, willing to pay whatever you ask for, and who don’t give you a hard time. The kinds of clients who are a joy to work with.
  • How to get off the “feast or famine” rollercoaster so you can make $10K, $20K or more every month
  • How to get clients without testimonials, case studies, or portfolio
  • Why some prominent copywriter A-list copywriters hate Islam and blocked him on Facebook (funny story!)
  • How to close 4- and 5-figure email copywriting retainers using direct messages

But wait…

Evergreen Express Emails workshop

If you get the Underground Email Client workshop, you may also want to get the EEE workshop.

While the UEC workshop is all about how to get CLIENTS, the EEE workshop is a WRITING workshop.

Specifically, how to write daily emails.

You’ll get Islam’s writing method, watch him write emails live and watch him critique emails written by students.

So if you’ve ever struggled to write daily emails, keep reading to find out how YOU can:

  • Write brutally effective 100-300 word daily emails in only 10 minutes (WITHOUT doing hours of research)
  • Sell $5,000-$10,000 monthly retainers for writing these stupid simple daily emails so you can pay off all your debt, have extra cash to save and invest… and have plenty left over
  • Kill writer’s block once and forever so you can bang out emails lightning fast for ANY niche and ANY offer, including high-ticket offers

This is a video REPLAY of a special 3-day daily email writing workshop hosted by Islam Benfifi and John Caprani in April 2022.

This workshop is all about writing effective copy with a FAST, SIMPLE, repeatable, scalable method.

It was taught to a small group of students where Islam shared the entire daily email writing system he’s used to make up to $50,000/month as an email copywriter.

The workshop included several “hot seats” where John & Islam would have students write emails on-the-fly followed by copy critiques.

Students were also able to watch Islam write emails live, from scratch in under ten minutes.

This workshop was most recently sold for $1,200.

But you aren’t going to pay anywhere near that amount.

Since you’re only getting the replay (without the live hot seats), you can grab the workshop today for much less.

Keep in mind, Islam regularly charges $5,000-$10,000 a month for the exact same daily email system he shares in this workshop.

If you apply the training, you’ll make much, much, much more than the tiny investment you’ll make today.

When you purchase the workshop you’ll get access to the Zoom recording of this 3-day workshop.

There Are NO REFUNDS On These Products

These are digital products, so if you buy one or both, it’s impossible to return.

DO NOT buy these workshops if you expect a refund.

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Thanks for reading,

Dennis Demori

Grab The Replays Today

Both workshops were taught live in 2022, however you’re getting them for a significant discount since these are the recordings.

(The Evergreen Email Express workshop is $1,200, but you’re getting the replay for just $300 bucks).

FYI — These are not fancy trainings with pretty slides. These are simply the recording of the Zoom calls done with attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should invest in these workshops?
A. These workshops are for freelance email copywriters or people who are interested in becoming freelance email copywriters and making ridiculous amounts of money for very little work.

Q. Who is Islam Benfifi?
A. Islam is one of the highest-paid copywriters in the world. He regularly charges $5K-$10K per client for writing simple daily emails and was earning up to $50K/mo consistently until he semi-retired from client work.

What’s even more impressive is he runs his client business 100% by himself without a team or assistant helping him.

It’s just him and Google Docs.

You can find him on Facebook:

If you have any other questions about the workshop, feel free to send him a message.

You can also watch his interview on my YouTube channel

Q. Why should I get both of these workshops?
A. Because they work together as a complete system.

The Underground Email Client workshop will show you how to get clients who are willing to pay $5K-$10K a month for daily emails.

Meanwhile, the Evergreen Express Email workshop will show you how to write daily emails for clients.

Q. Why should I get these workshops today?
A. These workshops are being sold in limited quantities because we don’t want a bunch of copycats using these strategies and tactics.