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Elite Keys To Unlimited Success Course

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Elite Keys To Unlimited Success Course
Elite Keys To Unlimited Success Course $650.00 Original price was: $650.00.$24.99Current price is: $24.99.

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About Course:

Keys To Unlimited Success

  • Angles of Flag/Consolidation/Inside Bar Patterns.
  • How A Chart Comes into A Major Support/Resistance/Master Level.
  • Bounce/Pullback Are Proportional.
  • Find the Defined Pivot
  • First Hits Have Highest Success Rates.
  • Entries Determined by Volatility and Volume.
  • Analysing Risk/Reward Prior To Entering A Trade.
  • Trading With/Without Moving Average/Trend Line Support.


Angles Of Flag/Consolidation/Inside Bar Patterns

  • The Angle Means Everything When It Comes To Determining Success.
  • 90 Degree Angles Are True Bull/Bear Flags. With Other Proper PPT Factors, These Are Highly Successful Plays.
  • As The Angle Decreases, The Success Rate Also Decreases.
  • Regardless Of Being an Inside Bar Pattern, Once The Angle Goes
  • Below 45 Degrees, The Success Rate Rests Around 50/50 Or Slightly Better.
  • When Trading, Take 45 to 90 Degree Flags/In Spirit Of Flags, Consolidation, Inside Bar Patterns.