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Frank Barillaro – Trading With Time Factor (Volume 1 and 2)

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Frank Barillaro – Trading With Time Factor (Volume 1 and 2)
Frank Barillaro – Trading With Time Factor (Volume 1 and 2) $597.00 Original price was: $597.00.$19.99Current price is: $19.99.

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Trading with the Time Factor Vol.1 course outline

  • Trading With the Trend
    • How the mathematical and geometric relationships work in the market
    • An introduction to W.D. Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory
    • How to identify and trade with the trend
    • Gann Swing Charts
    • Identifying Sections of the Market
    • Overbalancing of Time and Price
    • The best trend measuring techniques used by the professionals
    • How to use trend lines, trend channels and moving averages
  • How to Forecast Price
    • Price Retracements
    • Determining major and minor price ranges
    • How to know when a Fibonacci retracement will hold
    • Using previous market prices to forecast future market prices
    • Price projections: forecasting future tops and bottoms to the exact point
    • Detailed example of how I forecast the S&P 500 top in September 2012 to the exact point
  • How to Determine the Strength of a Market
    • Using Pitch Lines to determine the strength of a market move
    • The ‘Barillaro Box: my own trend tracking indicator
    • The ‘Barillaro Angle’: my own price forecasting technique
  • An Introduction to Time
    • Time & Price angles
    • How to know which Time & Price angle to use
    • Gann Master Square calculators
  • The Best Trade Entry and Exit Techniques
    • The five rules for risk management
    • Entry and exit points for trades with the trend
    • Entry and exit points for trades against the trend

Trading with the Time Factor Vol.2 course outline



  • – How to identify repeating time frames within a market
  • – How the major time frames work in the market
  • – The key time frames ending the 20 year bear market in gold
  • – The time cycles calling the 2011 all-time high in gold
  • – Anniversary dates
  • – trading to Time – my own proprietary forecasting tool
  • – knowing when a trading to Time date will work
  • – how to calculate and divide a yearly cycle of time
  • – the highest probability time counts
  • – how to calculate calendar time into degrees (simply)
  • – the predictable yearly highs and lows in 2000 and 2001 (ASX 200)
  • – the repeating time counts in 2011 and 2012 (S&P500)