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FXEvolution – Options Trading Masterclass
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Success Can Come Easier Than You Think When Trading Options


Have you ever wondered ‘if only I could generate income all year round, no matter what the market is doing’, or ‘how can I ever be a full-time trader if I can’t make money in markets that aren’t rising’.

What if we told you that not only is this possible, but that you can also protect your existing positions from adverse moves in the market!

Welcome to the world of Options Trading

One of the biggest problems traders encounter is how to remain profitable in markets that aren’t increasing in value and even worse, protecting existing positions from volatile markets that can eat away countless months of profit in a very short space of time.

The Options Trading MasterClass has been designed to teach traders how to generate income in all market conditions as well as how to defend existing portfolios from volatile and down trending markets.

At FX Evolution, we have your back. Let us show you how we use these same strategies in our everyday trading to generate great income and protect wealth.

Professional traders know the score

They understand how the market works. They know it’s a combination of market conditions, not one particular occurrence that separates good trades from average trades.

At FX Evolution our highly qualified technical analysts use their technical knowledge at the ground level, trading every day.

We want to help you break free from the 9 ‘till 5 grind and to fulfil your dreams.

If you want to learn from top traders that know how the market works and want to impart their knowledge, then you’re on the right page.


That’s why we’ve created our Options Trading Masterclass, designed to take beginners, intermediate or advanced traders to the next level.

The Options Trading Masterclass is packed full of benefits such as:

Learning how to use technical analysis to uncover the optimal strike prices and expiry dates.

Building the confidence to understand the different market conditions and trading accordingly.

Being able to pinpoint great entry levels, while minimizing risk.

Knowing how to leverage your technical analysis skills with techniques that work with the most powerful option strategies.

Learning at your own pace, with easy-to-follow video’s, tutorials and quizzes to keep you on track.

Understanding how options work so you can maximize their benefit in the correct market conditions.

Knowing how you can generate extra income from a stock portfolio by using a combination of long and short-term option strategies.

Being able to enhance a portfolio’s performance without increasing the downside risk, as well as how to protect existing investment portfolios from adverse volatility and market crashes.

Being able to construct a portfolio with the appropriate goals and risk appetite in mind using powerful option strategies.

Becoming a confident, trader who trades like a pro. Ready to build your dream income level and quit the rat race and grind of 9 ‘till 5.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader this course is specifically designed for YOU to take your trading to the next level!

Here’s what you’ll get in the
Options Trading Masterclass

Unlimited lifetime access to the Options Trading Masterclass including all the option strategies we use every day.

More than 75 comprehensive but easy to follow high-quality videos and tutorials with over 30 hours of expert tuition.

Option strategies discussed in our weekly live streams to help cement the Option Trading MasterClass learnings in the live markets.

Stylish online course design that you can follow on your favourite devices.

Masterclass discussion area for posting questions to your tutors and receiving feedback as you progress.