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JFT – Madras Trader Option Buying Course

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JFT - Madras Trader Option Buying Course
JFT - Madras Trader Option Buying Course $225.00 Original price was: $225.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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ondemand_video My Profit and Loss Statement in Option Buying (6:00)
ondemand_video What is Options Trading? (4:00)
ondemand_video What is Call Options and Put Options (4:00)
ondemand_video What are Strike Prices ? How to Select the Right Strike Price | OTM, ATM and ITM (8:00)
ondemand_video How We Select the Right Stock for Option Buying (21:00)
ondemand_video The Strategy we use for Option Buying. (17:00)
description How to Access JFT indicators
ondemand_video Nifty Strategy We Follow for Option Buying (21:00)
ondemand_video How To trade effectively using Jft Options Community (41:00)
ondemand_video My Axis Bank Trade – 9.65 lakhs profits (9:00)
ondemand_video My BajajFinserv Option Trade – 7lakhs Profits (10:00)
ondemand_video My SBIN Option Trade – 8.5 lakhs profits (5:00)
ondemand_video Open Interest (3:00)
ondemand_video How to massively Improve Trading Psychology in Option Buying (9:00)
description Course
description Community Access
description NIFTY STOCK LIST
ondemand_video Common doubts and rules. (43:00)

Course Content:

🔸 Market Structure
🔸 What is Option Trading
🔸What is Call and Put Option
🔸What are Strike Price and there Selection
🔸How to Pick Stock For Options Trading
🔸Options Buying Strategy
🔸Nifty Strategy for Options Buying
🔸How to use the JFT Community For Options
🔸My Axis Bank Trade
🔸My BajajFinserv Trade
🔸My SBI Option Trade
🔸Open Intrest
🔸How to Massively Improve Psychology