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Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
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You’ll be delighted to hear about the Freedom Breakthrough course has recently been updated and now you can download this freedom breakthrough 2.0 version.
Module one: You’ll observe how the module is designed to help you choose an area that will allow you to earn money.

The first lesson is about how to choose the right niche so that you can begin earning an ROI on your investment within the course.
After you’ve selected your niche you’ll start creating digital assets

Module two: What’s an asset that you can digitally be able to ….
The content is what you create, every digital product you make whether it’s an article, a pin to pinterest, or
YouTube videos are the entirety of digital assets. That’s the course that will show you how to go regarding ….building the assets to bring you cash even while you sleep.

Module 3: Talking about blogs. This is the next step in learning ….how to make it onto the top of Google’s search results.
Now , you’re likely to wonder why it’s so important to be on the top page of Google.
I can assure that the first 3 websites get the most traffic. No one searches for Google and then looks at pages 3 or 8.
The public wants the top 3 results and want them quick.
It’s your responsibility to earn the most profit by putting your information in the hands of people who are interested. Be on the first page of Google.

Fourth module: Creating the perfect funnel, it’s essential to build a funnel, instead of a web site. If you’ve got a site, it’s very easy for users to arrive on your site to browse around, and then begin to lose themselves, pressing buttons, and looking at increasing amounts of your interesting content.
They are unable to finish their work They forget what they’re searching for, and let’s be honest, they are overwhelmed and leave.
The loss of sales is caused by having an online presence that isn’t converting into sales.
Freedom breakthrough course is designed to teach you the exact method to make sales.

Module 5: Email Marketing, now this is the place to pick the people who have clicked your link, got overwhelmed and left.
The best part is that they’ve frequently included their email address.
If you’ve created a capture page, one that you’re taught to construct during the 3-day course, then you’ll be able to create a many interested customers who are waiting to buy.
Following up with emails is essential and the course Freedom Breakthrough teaches you how to create sales through emails sent to the people who are on your list.

Module 6: Get free traffic through organic Facebook.
We’ve all received messages from people who spam us with their links, we’ve been focusing on our own work and then suddenly receive an email with a link to you should check this out.
Then you want to shout! !
This section of the course, which was created by Jonathan Montoya is all about organic outreach on Facebook in the correct method.
You’ll be able to put your web address in front of others without having to throw it on their faces.
You’ll be noticed through curiosity in people that will have them asking you to share your website link. You’ll earn sales from using Facebook and establishing your profile on the optimal place on the internet to capture sales.

The 7th module is all about YouTube and how to get YouTube to give the users traffic which keeps continuing.
YouTube isn’t for everyone. many people don’t like watching videos, but for those who do go out into the deep you can earn well to do what you love.
If you’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel but aren’t certain how to set up your channel to be successful, then you’ll want to check out Jonathan Montoya’s latest course and get started on the course covering YouTube. Join the gratis traffic train.

Eighth module: Tiktok has become a huge platform moment in time and is a platform that the other social platforms trying to catch up with.
Tiktok is completely free and drives hundreds of visits each day.
You may be camera shy to go into the full YouTube videos and you decide that a 30 second clip is better preference.
If you’ve ever thought of taking a leap into the tiktok trend then this is the course for you which focuses on tiktok and ways to generate sales using 30 second videos.

Module nine: Once you’ve started your channels , you may decide to increase the heat on the flame and begin trying to improve your results.
You’ll need to make more money faster! !
This is the point where the paid version things really kick things into high gear.
You can even pay for people to see your website’s link.
This module focuses on google ads and ways to earn money from paid traffic

In reality, module nine includes the paid ads on YouTube as well.

Module ten: When you’re learning about paid ads , you shouldn’t overlook the paid ads from tiktok, and you’ll be able to learn how to get the stream of potential customers to your offer

Module 11 Learn about paid Facebook advertisements and how you can boost the speed of your organic Facebook strategy you’ve learned in previous modules.

Jonathan Montoya has added a couple of extras for you to take a look at and absorb.
I’m thinking that the launch bonus of jacking is one of my favorites.
Launch jacking is about discovering a product that can be the most popular new product that is available and then creating content on it before it’s made available to the general public.
There are several methods you can use to achieve this, and Jonathan walks through all methods to gain the desire to purchase traffic.