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Justin Cener – T-Shirt Bootcamp 3.0

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Justin Cener – T-Shirt Bootcamp 3.0
Justin Cener – T-Shirt Bootcamp 3.0 $997.00 Original price was: $997.00.$59.00Current price is: $59.00.

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Learn The Exact Strategies I Use To Make ​$500,000 Per Month on Shopify And Get Direct Access To Me As A Mentor & Coach

The Bootcamp Mentor Program

Join the T-Shirt Bootcamp today and get all of my other courses for free!

  • Shopify Dropship Bootcamp
  • Funnels with ClickFunnels Bootcamp
  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram Bootcamp
  • Wolf Mug Behind The Scenes Case Study

The Bootcamp Mentor Program is a six week online video coaching and direct mentorship program that teaches you every single step needed to create and grow a massively profitable Shopify eCommerce business.

On top of the world class training videos, Bootcamp Members get direct access to me as a mentor. This combination of coaching and course videos has resulted in over 400+ student success stories and makes The Bootcamp Mentor Program the most unique, fully featured Shopify training program on the market today.

Section One: Setup & Fundamentals

  • Section One is dedicated to getting you setup as fast as possible with a complete understanding of the business.
  • Everything you need to know about the E-Com Business and designed for a TOTAL beginner
  • How to build a high converting Shopify store step by step
  • The exact apps and settings that ensure your store is perfect

Section Two: Zero Risk Products

  • Section Two is all about understanding the best products to add to your new store.
  • How to offer hundreds of different products WITHOUT ever spending a dollar on inventory
  • Everything you need to know about no inventory business models on Shopify
  • The exact ways to research and pick WINNING products

Section Three: Facebook Ads

  • Section Three is all about getting you fast results for cheap with laser targeted Facebook™ Ads.
  • Never made a Facebook ad before… no problem, we build them over and over again in front of you
  • Step by step how to setup perfect ad targeting in any niche imaginable
  • SUPER Cheap $5 per day FB Ads is all it takes to make this work

Section Four: Scaling Your Winners

  • Section Four is dedicated to numerous different scaling strategies that simply work incredibly well.
  • How to increase ad spend safely and effectively
  • 100% done for you scaling rules to follow
  • Our exact blueprint to turn tiny stores into 7 figure businesses

Section Five: Advanced Facebook Marketing

  • Section Five is all about advanced Facebook™ Ad strategies that are working right now.
  • Step by step how and when to use Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences, and Custom Audiences
  • How to target micro audiences and keep conversions super cheap
  • How to grow from a $5 a day budget to a $100-$500 a day budget PROFITABLY (no money lost)

Section Six: Ongoing Operations

  • Section Six is all about operating your Shopify store at the highest level.
  • Double your sales without spending more with eCom Email Marketing
  • Step by step how to outsource any portion of ths business
  • Upsales, Downsales, Abandon Cart strategies

Tools and Templates

  • Build your successful store even faster with done for you tools and templates.
  • Download my exact Ad Copy and Product Copy
  • Use my exact eCommerce ad image template
  • Swipe the exact email marketing templates I use

Your Bootcamp Fast Action Mega Bonuses

$2000+ in Value & My Entire Instagram Course!!!

Instagram Marketing Bootcamp

Part 1 of my super crazy, exclusive bonus is my full Instagram Marketing Bootcamp. This is literally another entire course and program focusing on how to brand your business through Instagram and use Instagram Influencers (AKA shoutouts) to grow your ecommerce business. You get the complete course, a $797 value, as an amazing bonus.

Done For You FB Ads Targeting For 5 Popular Niches

You’ll see me do full ads targeting research on 5 of the most popular eCommerce niches! These videos will provide you with real world examples of great FB ad targeting and will be super helpful when you get to building your own ads. You’re really getting a powerful head start with these videos.

Shopify Wolf Mug $200/Day Start To Finish Case Study

Watch my build the infamous Wolf Mug Shopify store from scratch. This is an incredible opportunity to see each and every step that turned this crazy Wolf Mug into a massive store – and you’ll see every single step. That includes store setup, research, targeting, and even the actual live ads we ran in the store.

Ads Targeting Master Class

Another part of my super crazy, exclusive bonus is a private invitation to my Ads Targeting Master Class. You’ll be one of the first to access my new targeting intensive master class where I break down my targeting strategy. This will provide a great foundation to go along with the beginner and advanced tactics provided in the massive Advertising Sections in the Bootcamp.