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Keiko – Master Of The Game – For Men

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Keiko – Master Of The Game - For Men
Keiko – Master Of The Game - For Men $129.00 Original price was: $129.00.$10.00Current price is: $10.00.

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Master Of The Game – For Men By Keiko

You’ve found yourself wondering what it truly takes for a man to disarm a woman.

You’ve often wondered what it is that some guys have that makes them so smooth with women but you’re not.

You’ve wondered how some men can so effortlessly get a woman to love and adore him for the rest of her days?

Is it his wealth?

His status?

The quality of his woman?

His charm and charisma?

Often, you turn to men online and around you to answer these questions: but you err in doing so.

Women are simple creatures and are only complicated to those void of skill.

For a man to navigate this world, this life and navigate his way with women, takes an understanding of what women want and what makes them tick.


I’m here to tell you that when it comes to questions of the heart and the female nature – contrary to popular belief, it is a woman that holds the key.

“How?” you ask.

I’ll tell you:

Because all men operate from a position of ego when speaking to other men about how they are with women.

Men are more concerned about how they appear in their delivery to you than they are about telling you the facts.

A man will never tell another man how he genuinely is behind closed doors with a woman.

What he tells other men is what he wants them to think of him.

Have a guess who knows exactly how high value men act and behave behind closed doors.

The woman who is behind closed doors with the high value man.

And that is exactly why it is a woman who best teaches you how to MASTER THE GAME.

It is she who knows what works with women.

It is she who knows what doesn’t.

It is she who knows what is off-putting because women do not articulate these things to men.

It’s very simple.

The men that preach online about how the world of women works are simply not well versed in the art of seduction. They are the men who have been rejected all their lives and are now just finding themselves after years of hurt and pain.

They teach you how to prey on vulnerable, low-quality women. They don’t teach you how to attract and seduce HIGH quality women. They don’t teach you how to charm her and get her to submit to you VOLUNTARILY without being threatened, forced, or disrespected into submission.

What they teach, isn’t what you want.

What you want are the finer things in life that money cannot buy – genuine love, loyalty, admiration, respect with a woman worthy of being the mother of your future children.

When you open your mind to allow a WOMAN to introduce you to the tactics of game and the creation of the dominant relationship dynamics: you get to the heart of the matter.

What do I have to lose in showing you how the world TRULY works?


What do I have to gain?

Not all that much.

Find me a man in the so-called Manosphere that can tell you the same.

“Men” sit around, preaching to their followers about the makings of a man; how to become better, stronger, more successful. But look behind the curtains. Remove the anonymized facade. Who are these men?

These men are more often than not, the exact OPPOSITE of what one would consider to be a high-value man.

Their physical presence is underwhelming.

Their relationship issues diffused to the world for all to see.

Their underlying insecurities are evident.

They are betrayed by their own words.

They have to run numbers game to get lucky.

You won’t need to.

Why would you want to learn from them?

All they know is fear, abuse and manipulation.

You need NONE of those things to become a woman magnet, nor to understand how to artfully create a healthy dominant dynamic between you and women – all women.

So I’m here to set the record straight, once and for all.

I’m tired of watching anons LARP on Twitter. I’m tired of seeing them spout damaging advice they wouldn’t even follow themselves.

I’m here today, as a WOMAN in love – to tell you exactly how you can get what you want.

I’m here today to tell you how YOU can:

Become a high value man from the inside out

Learn and apply the principles of game to get you the kind of women you’ve dreamt about

Create dominant dynamics in your relationship

Generate interest and adoration from women all over.

Understand how to sustain lasting interest.

How to penetrate a woman’s imagination and make her think only of you.

How to make a woman willfully pedestalize you and view you as the epitome of masculinity.

You see, these men tell you to reclaim YOUR power, lost to a feminized society.

But what you should be doing is MASTERING THE FEMALE GAME.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel by harming yourselves and others.

You don’t need to become a man that people fear and dislike in an attempt to be respected.

You need to follow principles that have worked since the very beginning of time.

You need to understand how you can get the game to work for YOU.

And you will.

Because this is exactly what I’m going to be teaching you in this course.

I’m here to tell you what works with genuine high value women and not simply damaged ones with low self-esteem.

Like I’ve said before, the men you’ve been listening to operate from a place of EGO and HATRED for women. They are not genuinely happy. Happy men do not harbor woman hatred.

These men have been hurt.



Through rejection they have built up a hatred for women – rather than an appreciation.

These men often grew up without fathers –

Perhaps you grew up without a father too.

You lack guidance and direction – it’s confusing out there.

But this is precisely why you need my help.

To show you that the advice out there is built in order for you, too, to cultivate a hatred and disdain for women. To treat them like they’re less than – to make you feel better.

To build a great woman, you need to be a great man.

And to be a great man, you need to reject all advice that is harmful, degenerate and juvenile.

You need to build a life and a mindset that facilitates a fulfilling long-term relationship. One that steers you away from exploiting, belittling, or abusing women.

You need to know exactly how to attract the kind of woman you want. You need to know to captivate her attention, how to stimulate her mind and keep her by your side.

I know this. And I want this for you.

Which is why I’m going to teach you how to get it all.

You know me by now.

I tell it like it is and I’m always right.

I’m not sharing this information to fool you, to get you to follow a path that will lead to nowhere.

I’m sharing this information with you because I want you to do better.

I want you to be able to apply yourself in a way that gets you what YOU want.

I want you to become successful, and happy – once and for all.

And I want to teach you how to do things PROPERLY.

You need my help.

Red Pill, Blue Pill, Black Pill – ignore them all.

These patch-work philosophies are simply promoted out of spite – to reclaim a power that’s supposedly been lost.

These men that tell you how to “get” women know nothing healthy.

What you want is an emotionally and mentally healthy woman, one you can take pride in and be proud to introduce as your wife; one who submits voluntarily from a place of total adoration, the kind of woman that will ride with you until you die, the kind of woman these men will never know.

Stop following the path to degeneracy.

Stop listening to lesser men.

Start doing things right.

Start becoming the high-value man you KNOW you can be.

Start taking yourself seriously and pave the way for a beautiful life.

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