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LIT Trading – May Madness

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LIT Trading – May Madness
LIT Trading – May Madness $3,000.00 Original price was: $3,000.00.$29.00Current price is: $29.00.

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LIT Trading – May Madness

The founders of Liquidity Inducement Theorem – The Original since 2020
Join the LIT Trading May Madness and combine the best of both worlds, industry-leading education and the new intraday wonder weapon the LIT Oracle
Be part of the most effective trading event in the industry and receive exclusive access to our private May Madness transformation including our industry-leading LIT education and the new wonder weapon LIT Oracle price projection system

Are you ready to transform your trading within 1 Month by joining the LIT May Madness?

(8th of May – 8th of June)

LIT has established itself over the last 3 years as the highest qualitiy standard of trading education and trading tools, now you have the chance to experience the new era of intraday trading yourself

With the previous LIT 8 Chapter Adventure closed since the end of last year, the LIT May Madness event will be your last opportunity to experience LIT

For the first time we combine the infamous LIT education with the new invented intraday trading wonder weapon, the LIT Oracle

Have full video guidance throughout the entire LIT May Madness transformation

Kick in the ass sometimes to make you take action!

Access to exclusive eLITe insider content within the LIT vault

Clearly structured and simple step by step guidance

No more confusion or uncertainty about what to do 

Finally feel that you are ahead of the market and trade with confidence

Mindset and trading psychology upgrade

Learn how to outsmart the algorithm “Enigma” that delivers price action

Exclusive access to the new intraday wonder weapon the LIT Oracle

Leverage the LIT Oracle to reduce 95% of the effort identifying potential trading setups

LIT Oracle provides you with with consistent possible trading opportunities 

Learn what 99% of “Trading Gurus” dont know or wont tell you

Achieve within 1 month what took us years to learn and understand

First 8 Days trading education
Start: 8th of May 2024 (Wednesday)

Day 1: Education on how the market really works 

Day 2: Understanding Liquidity
Day 3: Learn all the technicial essentials
Day 4: Everything about Inducements
Day 5: Mastering Intraday Trading Content
Day 6: Discover Signature Setups and Mona Setups
Day 7: Mastering the LIT Cycle
Day 8: Learning the Daily Cycle
Note: Each content education day has recorded content and you can rewatch it as many times as you want and move at your own pace. Just note that every day you will unlock an average of 2 hours of new material per day for the 8 day long teaching block
3 weeks LIT Oracle real-time guidance

Day 9: LIT Oracle Introduction

Day 10: Understanding the LIT Oracle
Day 11: LIT Oracle content solidification
Day 12: LIT Oracle preparation for upcoming use
Day 13 – 17: First week of LIT Oracle practice
Day 18 – 19: Weekend tasks, trading plan and psychology
Day 20 – 24: Second week of LIT Oracle guidance
Day 25 – 26: Weekend tasks and psychology mastery
Day 27-31: Final week of LIT Oracle guidance
Day 32: Ceremony and Bonus Surprise
Note: Focus on Day 9 and beyond is to get used to the LIT Oracle, improve your own trading experience and skills and work on your mindset and psychology
Experience a full transformation

Phase 1 (Education)

Learn everything you need to know about the market within the first 8 days of the Event, all the LIT essential recorded intraday lectures to provide you the LIT trading style for life

Phase 2 (Implementation)

Time to put the theory into the real market with the LIT Oracle guidance, you will receive daily LIT Oracle alerts and price projections for 3 weeks after the education. So you will be able to combine your previous learned knowledge into the live markets (learning by doing and gaining real experience by repetition and trial and error)

Phase 3 (Independence)

With the proper in depth trading knowedge gained in Phase 1 and the real experience and practice gained in Phase 2, you will be ahead of vast majority of traders in the industry. Welcome to the eLITe side of Intraday trading.

What is the LIT Oracle?

The LIT Oracle is a full automated alert and price projection algorithm based on our Liquidity inducement concepts which provides daily potential trading opportunities by sending in alerts with price projections in  our discord server

Live Example of the Discord LIT Oracle alerts and live projections and the actual chart outcome later

Daily trading opportunities provided by the LIT Oracle

Sessions covered by the LIT Oracle
Frankfurt / London Session, NY Session, Asia Session (the most and the best trading opportunities happen in Frankfurt / London Session)

Forex Pairs covered by the LIT Oracle

Different Setups covered by the LIT Oracle
Mona Setup, Signature Setup and LIT Cycle Setup