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Livingwithpixels – Elementor Pro Mastery
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Chapter 1

Introduction and the basics of Elementor

A big helicopter view about how Elementor, WordPress, and your Theme work together. This will build confidence moving forward.

  • A very warm welcome
  • What you need to follow this course
  • What if you run into issues
  • How Elementor isn’t all drag & drop​
  • How WordPress works
  • How the theme and plugins work together​

Chapter 2

How to control content globally with Dynamic Content

Learn how to build websites that are quick and built well with dynamic content. This will help you understand what kind of websites you can build.

  • The Basics of Dynamic Content
  • The Header and footer template
  • Working with Custom Post Types
  • Working with Custom Fields
  • The single post template
  • The loop template
  • The loop grid widget
  • The archive template
  • The single-page template
  • Saved templates
  • Reflection on dynamic content

Chapter 3

Mastering the Container, Layout and Positioning

A deep dive into layout and positioning to make sure you understand how almost all layouts are built on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Introduction to the container
  • The direction feature
  • The boxed container
  • The right way to create height
  • Align items & Align self
  • Justify content and space between
  • Using Grow for alignment
  • Element gap usage in px
  • Auto padding disadvantage
  • Single row designs
  • Multiple rows designs
  • Using Wrap for using fewer containers
  • How to fix responsive issues that aren’t related to layout
  • Custom Positioning for widgets or containers
  • Full width & full height container designs
  • Rounding up containers & best practices