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Macro Compass – Bond Market Course

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Macro Compass – Bond Market Course
Macro Compass – Bond Market Course $499.00 Original price was: $499.00.$49.00Current price is: $49.00.

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About Course:

Course Overview

Lesson 1: A Two-Fold Approach to Really Understand the Bond Market

The combination of Alf’s macro and technical approach will turbo-boost your understanding of the mechanics behind bond yields.

Lesson 2+3: A Deep Dive on the Front-End of the Yield Curve

It all starts at the front-end of the yield curve: Central Banks exert a strong influence on short-term yields but there are many nuances to understand together.
Government bonds, OIS, interbank rates, repo markets…are you ready for it?

Lesson 4+5: A Deep Dive on the Long-End of the Yield Curve

Let’s shift our focus to the long-end of bond markets and study what drives the decision making of the biggest buyers in the world, the macro drivers behind long-end rates and how to get an edge in studying the macro cycle through bond yields!

Lesson 6-7: The Yield Curve

Yes, here we are Dr. Yield Curve! This lesson is a primer on studying the mechanics by which the yield curve shape affects the economic cycle. But not only that: we will study all yield curve regimes and their impact on other asset classes so that your portfolio is always prepared for the macro cycle!

Lesson 8: Credit Spreads

Credit spreads are an important macro variable to keep track of as they determine how cheap/expensive leverage is for the private sector. In this lesson we unpack the macro and technical aspects of credit markets!

Course Recap

A quick recap tour of all you learnt.
Here you also find a super useful set of slide that guides you through all the (public) data sources where you can keep track of all these variables and apply everything you learnt in this Bond Market Course!

Get access to:

  •  More than 4 hours (8 lessons) of Bond Market Course
  •  Alf’s Supporting Slides
  •  Additional set of slides directing you to publicly available Data Sources