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Matt Par – Tube Mastery And Monetization 2.0
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Did You Know that YouTube is the second most visited search engine right after Google and is used by more than a billion people daily? Yep, it’s true. However, the best part about it is that you can earn tons of money from this platform and get rid of your daily boring job. But you should know the reality- most people fail at this. The reason? They don’t have proper guidance about monetization and are unaware of the tips & tricks to succeed in this stream.

A successful YouTuber Matt Par sensed this and came up with a Tube Mastery and Monetization program to help people take their YouTube income from 0$ to six figures in no time. You must have also seen Matt’s ad somewhere about his program and how he can magically make you rich. But these lofty claims raise people’s eyebrows.

The real question is- Is this Matt Par’s YouTube course Legit or Scam? I did extensive research on him and his program and now have some shocking information, which you don’t want to miss if you are thinking about buying this YouTube mastery course. So, stay till the end with me as I review this course in detail.

Let’s begin with the introduction!

What Is Tube Mastery And Monetization By Matt Par?

It is a program to help you kick start your YouTube channel from scratch and earn a handsome income out of it.

Let’s face it.

If you have created a YouTube channel and it is not bringing views and earning not as much as you thought, then you are doing something wrong.

You make a video, edit it for hours, upload it, and when it doesn’t receive a good response, it hurts a lot.

Well, you need expert advice to get out of this loop.  But is Matt Par’s TMM best for you? Absolutely Yes!

Let’s dive right into the review!

What’s In Tube Mastery and Monetization (TMM)? A Complete Review

Is Matt Par a scammer? That’s the question that comes to mind whenever someone watches an ad about his course. The answer is No, and his course is legit too.

TMM is an in-depth program that corrects the basics and gets you on the track to earning lots of money that you only dream of now.

It’s not just a random course. Matt or Make Money Matt has crafted it in the best possible way for you to extract maximum benefits.

When you buy the program, you will be given access to seven video modules.

Module 1: The Overview

Module One is about welcoming you to the course and a brief introduction of how it will change your life. I mean, you are now stuck with your boring job routine and can’t even decide your own working hours and take as many days off as you want.

But when you start making thousands of bucks from a single YouTube channel using Matt’s strategies, you can enjoy all of these luxuries.

Module One will begin with Matt telling his success story to inspire everyone. Then, you will learn about three phases of a YouTube career:
●    Beta Phase- where you make a decision about your niche
●    Uploading 33 videos
●    Outsourcing

Module 2: Find Niche

This Module is super important because it also sheds light on which niche people should go for by making them decide which thing they are passionate about.

But being passionate is not enough to make you successful. There are some other equally important things that must be considered.

The money you earn depends on the niche and keyword.

This is where Matt Par comes in. In this module, you will learn:

●    High CPM niches
●    How to choose a niche
●    Market research

But that’s not it.

The guy is a legend as he has already found 100+ profitable niches, so you don’t have to spend days finding one.

Module 3: Setting Up YouTube channel

Module 3 is the next basic step of learning in which you learn how to properly and professionally set up YouTube channels.

In this Module, you will get to know:
●    How to set up a YouTube channel
●    Matt’s 33 rule
●    Best YouTube tool there is.
●    How to find keywords? Matt’s exclusive SEO strategy
●    How to do content strategy?

Trainers take hundreds of bucks just for these things, and Matt has recorded a Module in his course so that you don’t have to buy courses on these points separately.

Module 4: How to Upload videos (with A Bundle of Effective Tips and Tricks)

The third Module is filled with tips and tricks that are not offered in other programs. Here, you will learn:

●    How should you shoot videos?
●    How to edit them for free (what sound effects to add, and what other changes can you make to make the video more engaging)?
●    How to make eye-catching thumbnails?
●    How does a video go viral?

If you are not even slightly familiar with any of these things, then don’t worry. Matt has taught exactly at the beginners level.

So, don’t miss out on these best-kept secrets and increase your chances of succeeding.

Module 5: How To Grow Your Channel

Did you know that Matt Par started a YouTube channel from scratch and gained 500,000 subscribers within a year? Yeah, he did, and he is sharing the exact strategies of how he did it with you in this module.

You will learn this in Module 4:

●    How to effectively systemize any video?
●    How can you find free content?
●    How to edit videos without spending any dollar?
●    How to make top-notch thumbnails?

That’s it about the Tube mastery review. Now the Monetization part.

Module 6: How to Monetize Your channel?

The fifth Module explains the monetization policy in detail and how you can start earning from a YouTube channel.

It is a special one because Matt is also describing:
●    What does YouTube review for Monetization?
●    How does YouTube review channels for monetization?
●    How To Apply Monetization on YouTube?
●    How does monetization work?
●    How much does monetization pay on YouTube?

●    How to outdo other YouTubers in terms of money?
●    Matt’s personal favorite way of earning money
●    In addition to ads, what are other ways of getting rich from YouTube?

9 Highly profitable Make Money Matt channels are proof he really knows how to do “it.”

Module 7: How To Scale Your channel?

You have achieved success and are now earning thousands of dollars from your channel. But what to do after this? Matt has done a separate module to tell you this.

You should not be satisfied with one channel only. You have to scale up and make more passive income streams. Imagine sleeping or showering and still, your account is being credited hundreds of bucks. That’s Passive Income!

The best part about this Module is that Matt tells you exactly how to successfully build multiple passive income sources.

Now, there are 9 Matt Par channels, and you might see more in the future. Here’s how he did it!

After monetizing the YouTube channel and starting earning a handsome income, Matt hires a content creator and then makes another YouTube channel. That is why Matt Par YouTube net worth is increasing day by day.


Two More Bonuses From Matt Par

If you are camera shy and are hesitant to make videos, including yourself, then TMM is perfect for you. Matt Par has described ways of running a successful YouTube channel without showing your face. You might have heard from other YouTube Gurus different tips like making animation videos or hiding your face using video editor softwares. But Matt Par has described a lot more than that. If you want to know what it is, then you will have to enroll in it.

Also, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee if you think this program is not worth it. You will be refunded every penny without asking questions.

So, for everyone who wants to earn lots of money from YouTube, we suggest you go for this program.

Long story short, after doing the Tube mastery and Monetization review, one thing I can say with sheer confidence is that you can become a YouTube expert yourself if you keep doing what Matt says.

But a little setback is that Matt Par’s Tube Mastery & Monetization program is a little expensive. The current price of this course of 597$ (Down from the previous price of 997$).

However, keep in mind that all great things don’t come cheap. Look at how much it will benefit you in the longer run. You can get any Youtube mastery course for free. All you have to do is search Youtube mastery course free download and there you have it. But they don’t teach everything in detail like this course (not to mention tips & tricks).

Here are some pros and cons to better understand the value of this course.

Pros and Cons Of Tube Mastery And Monetization Course

Making a pros and cons list about anything really helps you in deciding whether a thing is good for you or not. If the pros are more, then it is definitely worth it. If the cons are more, then drop it from your future plans.


You will enjoy the following great things if you decide to buy this course:

●    You will learn everything from finding your niche and setting up a YouTube channel to how to gain subscribers and monetize the channel.
●    Easy to use
●    A Provided tips and tricks which others don’t share
●    A 60-day money-back guarantee option is there.
●    24/7 lifetime access to learn things at your own pace.
●    It is for both amateurs and experts.