[Method] Upload FULL, 100% Unedited Copyrighted Videos on Youtube! Content ID DESTROYER!



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[Method] Upload FULL, 100% Unedited Copyrighted Videos on Youtube! Content ID DESTROYER!
[Method] Upload FULL, 100% Unedited Copyrighted Videos on Youtube! Content ID DESTROYER! $50.00 $9.00

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A lot of you probably came across full anime episodes, movies, TV shows on Youtube and you were wondering how these people do it. After a few sleepless nights, I FINALLY discovered the sauce. Using this method you can SKYROCKET your views on the shows you post. Why? Because users are no longer bothered by cuts, zoom-ins, distorted sounds etc. You will get almost 100% retention rate, a lot of likes and subs and a lot of “Thank you” comments. This method is perfect if you claim your own songs via Content ID or farm channels & sell them.

The method is pretty much straightforward. You will be able to post an unedited, no cuts, no zooms, full HD anime episode / TV show on Youtube without your video getting automatically blocked from being viewed.

First of all, this method is perfect for people who are familiar with the Copyright Claim Method. If you are not familiar with it, first read on this forum what it’s all about and then decide if you want to buy it.

Secondly, the full unedited videos can only be monetized by inserting your song into them and getting revenue from it aka the copyright claim method, not with Adsense. But worry not, I also included a method that you can use to monetize videos with Adsense (however, keep in mind that for Adsense you need to edit your videos, but everything is done automatically). I also included some bonus tricks that you can use to monetize your videos with CPA as well


Q: Do I need to invest any money?
No. There could be a VERY small investment (like $3) but it is 100% optional.

Q: Do I need a monetized account?
No, you can do it on fresh accounts too.

Q: Is it saturable / can YT patch it?
I doubt it will be patched and you will see why in the guide.

Q: Is this a full guide on how to make money with the Copyright Claim Method?
No, I will only show you how to bypass Content ID and make the video public, I assume you already know how to make money from such videos. But the CPA method that I included can bring you money almost instantly, depending on your niche

Q: Why can’t I use it for Adsense?
It’s a bit complicated to answer that without giving away too many hints but I am being transparent with you and tell you straight from the start what works and not.
You can use the method which involves editing videos to monetize with Adsense, I included it in this pack.

Q: Is it suitable for beginners?
Since it’s very easy to do, it’s also suitable for beginners but before you buy it do your research and see what copy claiming your own material is all about.