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Michael Harris – Trading Books

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Michael Harris – Trading Books
Michael Harris – Trading Books $65.00 Original price was: $65.00.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.

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About Books:

In this package, you’ll receive the download links of following books:

  • 15 Lies About Trading and Investing
  • Fooled By Technical Analysis

15 Lies About Trading and Investing – Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Lie 1: Trends and friends.
  • Lie 2: The story about losses and profits.
  • Lie 3: This is the true edge.
  • Lie 4: They like macro bets.
  • Lie 5: Market timing bashing.
  • Lie 6: The victims of HFT
  • Lie 7: They hate forecasting.
  • Lie 8: The momentum premium.
  • Lie 9: Advertising low win rates.
  • Lie 10: Timing versus hoping.
  • Lie 11: Statistical analysis conundrum.
  • Lie 12: No emotions allowed.
  • Lie 13: Random following works.
  • Lie 14: Optimality is the key.
  • Lie 15: Back testing windfall profits.


Fooled by Technical Analysis: The perils of charting, back testing and data-mining

PART I – Basic Concepts

Chapter 1. Levels of Technical Analysis

  • Level I Naive chart analysis
  • Level II Expert chart analysis
  • Level III Naive quant analysis
  • Level IV Expert quant analysis

Chapter 2. Trading Expectation

  • The need for large trade samples
  • The trading system inversion paradox

Chapter 3. Risk of Ruin and Trading Capital Requirements

  • Risk of ruin due to undercapitalization
  • Risk of ruin and win rate.
  • Low win rate impact on trend-following system performance
  • Determining initial capital requirements 

Chapter 4. Trading Timeframes and the Impact of Trading Friction

  • Trading Timeframes
  • Trading Styles
  • Trading methods
  • The Negative-Sum Game of Futures and Forex Trading
  • Daily E-mini trading
  • Intraday E-mini trading
  • Daily Forex trading
  • The impact of a long-term market bias

Part II. Fooled by Technical Analysis

Chapter 5. Naive and Expert Chartists

  • Fooled by random chart patterns.
  • Use of chart patterns defies logic.
  • Chart patterns and self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Chart Patterns are mostly flukes.
  • Claims of Chartists debunked with simple math.
  • Fooled by random indicator patterns.
  • Indicator patterns and self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Indicators and wishful thinking
  • Chart analysis and cognitive biases
  • Expert chart analysis

Chapter 6. Naive and Expert Quants

  • What is Back testing
  • Pitfalls of back testing
  • Methods for discovering a trading edge.
  • Fooled by hypothesis testing.
  • Fooled by validation tests.
  • Fooled by Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Expert quant analysis
  • Minimizing the impact of data-mining bias
  • Classification of trading systems
  • Selection of systems
  • Data snooping bias
  • Myths about data-mining bias
  • Pitfalls of validation methods
  • Quant discretionary trading
  • Fooled by momentum strategies.
  • Putting it all together

Chapter 7. Position Size Determination Methods

  • Basic types of trading systems
  • Systems with stops-loss
  • Fooled by optimal methods.
  • Systems without stops-loss.

Chapter 8. Alternatives to Technical Analysis and Conclusion

  • Trading the news
  • Social media sentiment and trends
  • Esoteric trading methods
  • Conclusion