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Mike Shreeve – Founder’s Fulfillment Freedom
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4 Instructional Modules

23 Lessons

Easy To Follow Workbook

Bonus #1: The Instant Profit Multiplier Presentation

This is a talk I gave about a year ago where I showed people how to double the profits of any offer regardless of niche, offer type, or where you are in business right now.
This method does NOT require additional selling.
This method does NOT require new clients or customers.
This method does NOT require building long and complex marketing campaigns.
Instead, it taps into one of my favorite strategies of all time for getting paid twice for work done once.
It’s only an hour long but might just be the most profitable hour of your entire year.

Bonus #2: The Path To $1,000,000 A Year

In this short presentation I lay out exactly what you need to make $1,000,000 or more in your business.
I provide:

  • The exact offers you need to run
  • The pricing of those offers
  • How many of those offers to sell
  • The KPIs you’ll need to hit from cost per traffic to conversion rates to backend retention and more!
  • Pitfalls to watch out for
  • The stages you’ll go through and checkpoints to watch out for as you progress through your journey
  • How to troubleshoot any problems you may face along the way
  • A 90 day plan for going from zero to $100,000/month run rate (this is exactly what I did for Peaceful Profits and ALL of my private consulting for equity clients)

If $100k/month is your goal, it doesn’t get any more clear than this on knowing exactly what needs to get, in what order, how long it will take, and knowing exactly what KPIs to aim for along the way.