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Nabeel Azeez – How To Get Your First Copywriting Client

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Nabeel Azeez – How To Get Your First Copywriting Client
Nabeel Azeez – How To Get Your First Copywriting Client $97.00 Original price was: $97.00.$9.00Current price is: $9.00.

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How To Get Your First Copywriting Client –

A LIVE Masterclass that will take you from
NO experience, NO results, and NO portfolio to PAID copywriter in 60 minutes or less
Day ZERO: Discover the one and only job of a beginner copywriter complete with specific case studies of Day ZERO copywriters who have now transformed their life.
Get proven word-for-word scripts so you can send the perfect DM and/or the perfect cold email so clients start beating down the door to work with you today.
“How much should I charge?”
“What should I say?” “How do I reach out?” Whatever your question, when you’re in the room with us LIVE, you can ask it.


  • ​How to fix the invisible “ick” you’re giving off when you reach out to prospects
  • ​The simple-yet-obvious reason why you aren’t getting clients (No, it’s not your copy)
  • ​Why you keep getting ignored or ghosted
  • ​Becoming nichesexual, the only RIGHT way to niche down & not kill your progress
  • ​The only content you ought to post as a n00b copywriter
  • ​How to go from “send me your portfolio” to “invoice paid.”
  • ​The only emotion you need to convey to get clients with no experience or results
  • ​The unappetizing and downright unsanitary food you can eat to get clients
  • ​How to “blue check” your online presence without being verified
  • ​Follow-up game and how to stay top-of-mind without pissing off your prospects
  • ​How to get clients as a copywriter without selling Copywriting (with a capital C)
  • ​The 4 buying archetypes you can use to sell anything to anyone
  • ​How to go from DM to paid in 60 minutes or less WITHOUT getting on a sales call
  • Live objection handling. Get custom responses to your most common objections
  • ​Why spending money won’t solve your client-getting problems
  • ​The 100% free “tech stack” you can use to start landing clients today

And So Much More!


Kyle got his start at Agora Financial in 2017 and quickly became known as “The $7.1 Million Man”. 

In 2019, he transitioned to the position of Copy Chief at WealthPress where he and his team skyrocketed a small pub into a $50 Million company.

During that time he took 5 writers to their first $1 million launch and paid out over a million dollars in royalties.
Now his goal is to train and guide more copywriters (like YOU) to their six and seven-figure dreams while running the Copy Squad Agency!


Nabeel Azeez is “the most expensive copywriter in Dubai” who is sought-after for his unique tone and strategy.
“Nabeel is the Swiss Army knife of copywriters.”
– Dennis Demori

“One of the smartest, most authentic business consults around.”
– Mike Cernovich

“He’s a master of content and digital branding.”
– Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes
““Nabeel doesn’t realize he’s a rare breed. That bearded animal can make paint drying sound riveting.””
– Mike Mark
Nabeel co-owns and operates a boutique email marketing studio, Dropkick Copy.

And recently launched a trade school for the next generation of copywriters and marketers, called CopySkills™, that makes coaching and mentorship accessible to our peers in the Global South.

He’s now helped nearly a hundred copywriters inside that community transform their lives and get clients in as little as 60 minutes with no sales call.

And now you can discover how to do the exact same thing!