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NewWaveTrader – ElliotWave MasterClass

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NewWaveTrader - ElliotWave MasterClass
NewWaveTrader - ElliotWave MasterClass $2,497.00 Original price was: $2,497.00.$99.00Current price is: $99.00.

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The Most Efficient and Reliable Trading System
Create A Scalable Income Trading That Demolishes Your Current One And Leaves You Regretting Why You Didn’t Start This Sooner.

Take advantage of an emerging market that is producing life changing results with the guidance and mentorship of professional traders.



1. It’s A Complete System That Leaves No Stone Unturned!

This is a trading boot camp engineered to transform you into a confident and profitable independent trader…

2. Develop “Superman Confidence” Through Simplicity And Repetition!

When you execute a system repetitively it becomes second nature to the point that you don’t even have to think about it. You know exactly what to look for and what to do because you’re able to follow the same proven steps every time. The NewWave Program provides simple execution.

3. Create Consistent, Reliable Results!

Inconsistent results are due to an inconsistent system. It comes down to missing components, a faulty system or simply failure to act on certain steps. The NewWave Program focuses entirely on mastering a simple proven system that can be learned, duplicated and implemented in a weekend!

4. Save Time, Your Most Precious Asset!

99% of traders are self educators and utilize free material as much as possible. Unfortunately this keeps them in the trading “hamster wheel”. It’s not about knowing more, it’s about being able to correctly apply a consistent step by step proven system. The NewWave System allows you to step off the “hamster wheel” and into a rocket headed for the moon.

5. The Best Asymmetrical Risk Vs Reward!

Ask any professional trader and they will tell you that asymmetrical risk vs reward is a top priority. Most just think of this from a technical standpoint and don’t realize that one of the largest rewards to least amount of risk is their system. Imagine trading stress free, with confidence and trust in your execution, not doubting yourself or letting emotions sabotage a good trade. Imagine how much money a proven system could generate for you over a lifetime. The Asymmetrical Risk vs. Reward of the NewWave Academy is the best you’ll ever come across.

With Your Enrollment In The NewWave Program Today

The way you start impacts how you finish.
Get an advanced quick start on the fundamentals of trading….

Discover the framework for successful trading.

This module will walk you through the foundations of the NewWave System and why it works. This module ensures you have clarity of the process so that it makes sense from the start.
Set up your trading accounts, trading platforms, discover helpful third party platforms, learn the trading vocabulary and set up your trading tools to get a massive head start.

What most traders would spend months or years scouring the internet for, we’ve put into a simple, ‘need to know’, lesson by lesson format.

MODULE 2: A Traders Mindset
Our mindset is the #1 factor between success & failure.
It’s the reason for prematurely closed trades, failure to use proven strategies, and inconsistent results.

We’re going to recreate your mindset to become your greatest advantage rather than downfall. We’ll go over…

How To Stop Emotional Trading Permanently…
Healthy Routines For A Peak State of Mind…
Emotions and Discipline – The Crucial Roles They Play…
Psychology of Strategies and How To Leverage Them…
Psychology of Risk and It’s Impact On Trading Success…
Psychology of Going From Small To Large Accounts…
And Paradox’s, Mindset and Responsibility.
We all want to get fast and efficient results, but how do you do that without neglecting the fundamentals?

A question we’ve answered by condensing everything into the three frame method.

The Three Frame Method brings together the most important and results driven tactics to provide a mini system that can generate immediate results even for the novice trader. I’ve tested this with hundreds of students now and it’s changing lives.

The NewWave Market Screener (Only available here)
The NewWave TDI Indicator (Only available here)
The Time Frame Seed Breakthrough
The NWT Framework
The Strategy Pt. 1
Live Application of Pt. 1
The Strategy Pt. 2
Live Application of Pt. 2
Four Components Of A Trade
The Three Frame Method
Live Application of The Three Frame Method
Bonus 1 | TFM Altcoin Application
Bonus 2 | Advanced Application Walkthrough
MODULE 4: Fibonacci Price & Time Tools
Essential tools for the NewWave system to be paired up with the next modules for projecting price with precision.

The market is not only made up of price, but also time. You’re leaving half the analysis on the table if you only learn one.

The Purpose of Fibonacci In The NewWave System
Fibonacci Retracements and Trend Extensions
Live Examples Of The Fibonacci Magic
Fibonacci Time Tools
The Role Of Fibonacci Moving Forward
Fibonacci Time Strategies | The 4th Dimension of Trading
MODULE 5: NewWave System
Combined with Fibonacci tools and the Three Frame Method…
We get into an advanced understanding of market structure and create a system using an Elliott Wave foundation.

My studies of Elliott Wave are extensive and due to my understanding of the different variations of Elliott Wave I’ve created a simple step by step process to follow that makes learning and applying the best of them all in one simple system outlined below…

Lesson 1 | Elliott Wave Patterns & Values Exposed
Lesson 2 | Elliott Wave Rules & Guidelines w/ a Twist
Lesson 3 | Simplified Techniques & Methods
Lesson 4 | Application of Elliott Wave & Fibonacci
Lesson 5 | Five Proven NewWave Strategies
Lesson 6 | Bringing It All Together Step By Step
Lesson 7 | TFM and EW Relationships | Lvl… God Mode
MODULE 6: S.C.I.M.R Method
Frameworks create simplicity and clarity in what to do and when. When you sit down to trade you want to execute the same system, same methods, and same processes in order to get consistent and reliable results.

Screen The Market
Create Your Trading Plan
Implement Your Strategies
Manage Your Trade
Reflect and Record Your Results
Live Application Of The S.C.I.M.R Method
NWT Exclusive Trading Journal Tools
Bonus | The NewWave Challenge
MODULE 7: Financial Freedom Portfolio Planning
Any great investor knows you need diversification to increase performance.
Even as a trader you don’t want all your eggs in one basket and there are many necessary benefits to long term investing.

In this module I walk you through finding your financial freedom numbers and mapping out your future. Without a vision and a plan on how to get there, it’s just a dream.

Cost of Needs vs. Wants
Creating Your Financial Numbers
Your Roadmap
Ways To Diversify
Taking Action
When You Enroll In The NewWave Program Today, Get These…
Fast Track Trading Series($197 Value)

For the introductory trader… Fast Track your jump start into trading with Schyler who walks you through the core foundations of technical analysis…
These recordings have carefully been put together for individuals just starting their trading journey. Get exchange tutorials and how to setup accounts. Then take a dive into candlesticks, support and resistance, trendlines, trends, channels, indicators and types of exchanges. We also include trading tracking software, crypto tax software and more!

Market Structure Mastery($4,997 Value)

Foundations Of Markets Exposed
Indicators and Markets – Their True Value
Supply and Demand Secrets
Time Frames and Market Structure Vault
Supply and Demand Deep Dive
Price Action Application
Using Wykoff In The System
Mastering Market Reversals
Predicting Future Price With Precision
Portfolio Allocation Mastery
Ichimoku Cloud Masterclass($497 Value)

Ichimoku Charting & Technical Analysis:
The Most Profitable And Well Rounded Indicator for Traders to Capitalize On The Life Changing Gains Of Cryptocurrency
Six Fool-Proof Strategies That Will Take Your Account To New Heights
Bringing it together, Sanyaku Kouten & Gyakuten
The Gold Cross for exposing market momentum & trading the right side
Includes using the Dead Cross to spot reversals
Create accuracy with future predictability with Kumo; Span 1 & 2
And Synchronize price with Chiko Span!
BONUS RECORDING: Elliott Wave With Ichimoku Cloud – How they can be used in confluence to snag record gains.

All Of This Is Instantly Yours When You Enroll In The NewWave Academy TODAY…

ONLY $2,497!

Why does it cost so much?
Perspective is everything. We’ve had countless students create a better lifestyle and income than a college graduate, masters graduate or doctors graduate. These individuals pay 100k to 400k to acquire these degrees and make a 6 figure salary working a 9-5 job that they don’t have guaranteed security in. What’s it worth to you to have more time, freedom, security and income… hopefully it’s worth a lot more than $2,497.

Can’t I just find all this information free online?
No, this system is unique to NewWave Traders and a majority of the data collected has been personally recorded by the instructors themselves in the newly emerging crypto markets in order to build the relationships, methods, and techniques they teach.
Although you can find basic information on Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, technical analysis and price action this is the trading hamster wheel individuals get stuck in as they try and avoid investing in a proven system and literally spend years sorting through the vast amount of information on the web. It’s likely you’ve already been doing this for months or years yourself.

How much time is required to start seeing results?
By the end of module 3 you’ll be able to apply the Three Frame Method and get results. This takes the typical student about 6 hours of study time. Several students actually pay for the program with the system taught in module 3 within the first few trades depending on their account size and majority can pay for it in the first 30 days if they follow the system and apply it religiously.

Can I Trust NewWave Traders?
Yes. Simply read through over the 600 testimonials that have been submitted and you’ll see the NewWave Instructors’ hearts are in the right place and they each go above and beyond to deliver results for their students. Their expertise shines through their analysis and their ability to teach the NewWave system in a way that is comprehendible and simple makes it duplicatable for others to generate the incredible results they are. An instructor should be evaluated on his/her ability to get their students results and the NewWave Instructors have an amazing track record of this.

What if it doesn’t work for me?
We have had countless students from all around the world take our strategies and change their lives by successfully investing in the NewWave System. It’s not a question of whether the system will work for you, but will you work the system? We’re so confident this program will work for anyone who applies it that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What do students see for a return on their investment?
This will obviously vary depending on account size and time invested, but you will have this system for the rest of your life. If it’s creating full time income for instructors and students then its one of the best asymmetrical risk vs reward investments someone could make. Arguably a no-brainer decision.

Can I use this system in forex, commodities, stocks and other markets?
This system can be applied in all markets. From forex and crypto to traditional markets and commodities. Inside the program we teach you how to adjust the system to fit these markets. The majority of the data collected and application of the system however takes place in the newly emerging crypto markets since they are extremely profitable and where the instructors spend most of their time trading.


Module 1 | Getting Started

Module 2 | Trading Psychology

Module 3 | The 3 Frame Method

Module 4 | Fibonacci Price & Time Tools

Module 5 | The NewWave System

Module 6 | The S.C.I.M.R Method

Module 7 | Financial Freedom Portfolio Planning


Bonus #1 | Fast Track Trading Course

Bonus #2 | First Principles Trading Course

Bonus #3 | Ichimoku Cloud Addition

Over 40hrs Of Training Material And 90+ Lessons

A Total Value of $18,876