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Orderflows Gems 2-Private Sessions

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Orderflows Gems 2-Private Sessions
Orderflows Gems 2-Private Sessions $99.00 Original price was: $99.00.$35.00Current price is: $35.00.

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About Course:

Mike Valtos – Orderflows Gems 2-Private Sessions

Unlock The Secret Language of the Markets With Orderflows Gems Part 2 – Private Sessions

The truth is, the markets are always subtly revealing their intentions to you. They convey hints and signals through each tick every traded level and the flow of orders.

The challenge lies in deciphering this hidden language otherwise you’ll struggle to identify opportunities, amidst the chaos. Of relying on theories, indicators and gut feelings you’ll be able to tap into the data that truly influences market movements.

Enter Orderflows Gems Part 2. Private Sessions – a game changer that will refine your market awareness and hone your ability to interpret order flow naturally.

No more squinting at charts aimlessly. Trying to figure out buy/sell pressure shifts. You’ll effortlessly recognize the signs leading up to market shifts – the stream of orders shaping market dynamics and setting up predictive scenarios.

With Orderflows Gems Part 2. Sessions you’ll gain a perspective that cuts through the noisy market environment. You’ll uncover hidden trends that go unnoticed, by traders following strategies and guidelines.

This training doesn’t focus on theories or educated guesses. It’s a translation of the markets language decoded through my years of experience as a trader dealing with real money.

When you engage with these lessons you won’t just receive instructions, on what to watch out for. You’ll be presented with analyses of market trends.

If you’ve been seeking that ultimate advantage to enhance your trading consistency look no further than Orderflows Gems Part 2. Sessions. This is your chance to break away, from all the distractions and begin navigating the markets using the perspective of order flow reality.

Here is what you will learn…

Video 1 – How to react when you see size in the market.
Video 2 – Prepare yourself for explosive breakouts. Divergences.
Video 3 – Stopping volume – How to recognize it and trade it.
Video 4 – Zero Prints.
Video 5 – Flow Driven Markets Using Delta Divergences and pullbacks off the highs.
Video 6 – Trading sideways choppy market order flow.
Video 7 – Delta footprint chart to determine buying selling pressure.
Video 8 – Trading Order Flow On A Fed Day.
Video 9 – Identifying a low after a sustained move down in the order flow.
Video 10 – Bullish order flow at a low.
Video 11 – Absorption.
Video 12 – Using Order Flow In Context Of The Market (what to look for).
Video 13 – Recognizing Supply In The Market – Falling market on aggressive buying?
Video 14 – Basing market – overlapping.
Video 15 – Price Delta Divergence.
Video 16 – Unique Order Flow In Gold Markets.
Video 17 – Sunday gaps.
Video 18 – How to use Min Max Delta numbers.
Video 19 – Thin volume (Prints) in the order flow.
Video 20 – Stacked Imbalances – Which ones to trade or not trade.
Video 21 – Identifying bearish order flow at a high.
Video 22 – Recognizing other time frame traders coming into the market (Failed Divregences).
Video 23 – Huge delta and what it means.
Video 24 – Strong aggressive trading out of nowhere.
Video 25 – Double Bottoms.
Video 26 – Supply and demand that you see in the order flow
Video 27 – Internal delta in trading decisions.
Video 28 – Thin prints as gaps.
Video 29 – Extreme Negative Delta/Volume at high of day.
Video 30 – How strong bids act as support.
Video 31 – Order flow in extremely thin markets, like hogs. What to look for.
Video 32 – Delta weakness going into highs.
Video 33 – One of the clear signs of weakness after cash opens with value areas.
Video 34 – Very bearish order flow bar.
Video 35 – When there is huge negative delta at the low and market reverses.
Video 36 – Can you tell the difference between closing positions and new positions?
Video 37 – What you want to see in the order flow when taking out the highs.
Video 38 – Trading thin markets with delta analysis.
Video 39 – The power of point of control.
Video 40 – Understanding market environments.
Video 41 – Trading order flow in Platinum with little retail participation.
Video 42 – Trading double tops.
Video 43 – How do you know a market is going sideways and how do you know you are coming out of sideways activity?
Video 44 – Order flow on a 5-30 minute chart.
Video 45 – When highs don’t go higher.
Video 46 – Order flow signs prior to a 50-point rally.
Video 47 – Order flow generated support and resistance.
Video 48 – Recognizing fresh buying at highs which is a sign of new money entering the market.
Video 49 – My favorite trade setup: Value areas – POC not traded into.
Video 50 – Market searching for liquidity vs. lack of liquidity.
Video 51 – Exhaustion in heavily traded markets, a sign of reversals.
Video 52 – Cumulative delta divergence.
Video 53 – Heavy volume out of nowhere.

This course has been fully Updated 2024