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Sarah Titus – Million Dollar Shop

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Sarah Titus – Million Dollar Shop
Sarah Titus – Million Dollar Shop $1,997.00 Original price was: $1,997.00.$24.99Current price is: $24.99.

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Do you want your dreams to come true?
Seems like a silly question, right? Of COURSE, we all want our dreams to come true and we want a quicker, faster, easier way to get there…a map, someone to hold our hand as we walk through uncharted territory.
Just as YOU want YOUR dreams to come true, so do your customers!
You have to show your customers that you can solve their problem, help them achieve their dream WITH YOUR product.
If you can’t, they leave and you don’t get YOUR dream.
See in product creation, YOUR dream is ALL ABOUT HELPING THEM CREATE THEIRS!!!!
I sell printables in my store. I help people create their dream of being more organized, being less scattered, less overwhelmed.
So you COULD throw up a store (or a link to buy on your blog) and expect sales, but you’re not helping anyone reach their goals, OR you can take your dreams seriously right now and set up your shop in the right way, using the right method…Shopify.
Before I started on Shopify, I released a product and it bombed. I sold 3 copies.
You can admit that having an email list with 50,000 people on it and getting 3 sales is a total failure, right? I mean, it bombed HARD!
I put that SAME product on Shopify a few weeks later and got 52 sales!
The only difference I made between 3 sales and 52 sales was the platform I used to sell the item on.
Shopify got me 52 sales in that first baby launch!
That’s when everything changed for me. It was all about the platform and setting it up in a way that would GET SALES!
Because what’s the point of getting traffic to your site, if when they GET THERE, they DO…NOT…BUY!
That first month on Shopify, I ended up making an insane amount of money ($52,060)!
It’s been absolutely crazy!
For a girl who used to be homeless…for a girl who used to survive on only $18k/year with 2 kids to support after my ex-husband abandoned me. That girl now makes multi-millions/year in her Shopify store! I just couldn’t believe it.