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About Danielle: Danielle Shay is the Director of Options at Simpler Trading. She is a strict technical analyst, with a strong emphasis in Fibonacci Analysis. Her primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well. Danielle was also a contributor in John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, and has been seen on Real Vision TV, RT America, and Benzinga. You can find her daily in our trading room, sharing her analysis and trade ideas with our members.


Tired of sitting on the sidelines as the market surges to new all-time highs? What if you could nail the high short interest setups that we’re seeing a lot lately? Well that’s exactly what Danielle’s Shay’s newest strategy is designed to do with strictly limited risk. When the market’s incredibly strong, it opens up the doorway to take advantage of large, greater-than-expected moves fueled by short covering. These moves can generate quick gains like the $6k in TSLA Danielle made just sitting poolside or the quick 20%-25% move in AMD in 3 weeks. Despite her reputation as a conservative, directional trader, Danielle developed this strategy to profit as the market continues to rise to new, all-time highs. For the first time ever, she’ll share her step-by-step aggressive options strategy for reliably profiting from high short interest situations.


Who Uses This Strategy: Danielle Shay

Asset Class/Markets: Short Interest Secrets is designed for equities. However, the patterns in the TurboVZO (sold separately) and TrendStrength Candles can be used in any asset class.

Skill Level: This class and strategy will offer value to all traders, of all experience levels. Beginners will learn the basics of short interest and how to use the TurboVZO (sold separately) and TrendStrength candles to identify trade setups. Intermediate traders will learn how to analyze short interest data to find potential short squeeze candidates. Intermediate traders may also successfully integrate the TurboVZO (sold separately) and TrendStrength candles into their existing setups. Advanced and experienced traders will learn the inner workings of interest data and how to identify when shorts are in max pain.

Why Buy This Class: When you tune into financial media and see that stocks like TSLA are having triple digit moves for no apparent reason, wouldn’t you love to catch a piece of that? Short squeeze opportunities are setting up across the market all of the time. With this class, you will learn not only how to find and trade short squeezes, but also why they happen. Understanding the psychology behind these wild price explosions will help you spot them and get on board before the rocket ship blasts off.