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Stan Weinstein – Stage Analysis Masterclass

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Stan Weinstein – Stage Analysis Masterclass
Stan Weinstein – Stage Analysis Masterclass $2,995.00 Original price was: $2,995.00.$29.00Current price is: $29.00.

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TraderLion has partnered with Trading Legend Stan Weinstein.

Stan Weinstein’s
Stage Analysis Masterclass

Over the years, the market has changed. We have to move faster. We’ve changed too.

Learn what you truly have to focus on.

Stan Weinstein


Become a Pro Trader in 8 Weeks

Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis masterclass is transforming how we approach stock trading. Join Stan, in this epic eight-week program, as he shares his time-tested strategies and methods.


  • Stan’s Philosophy Towards Trading & Investing
    Learn how Stan interprets the market and the origins of the Stage Analysis System.
  • Changing Markets
    With the markets becoming faster and more volatile, Stan shares the adaptations he has implemented.


  • Stan’s Chart Layout
    Take your trading to the next level with Stan’s updated Moving Averages & Chart Layout Template.


  • The Tape Tells All
    An updated overview of the famous Stage Analysis System that has built the foundation for an entire generation of traders.
  • Deep Dive into Stages
    Familiarize yourself with the key characterstics of the Market Cycle using Stage Analysis.


  • Detailed Stage Analysis Graphic
    A updated graphic outlining the key aspects of Stage Analysis.


  • What to Buy
    Learn the characteristics of the ideal buy point for both traders and investors from Stan Weinstein himself.
  • Chart Patterns That Work
    Learn the specific chart patterns that Stan focuses on which are both repeatable and effective.
  • Sector Analysis
    Discover how Stan always stays on top of emerging trends.


  • Triple Confirmation Pattern Setup Guide
    Step by step breakdown on how to profit from this rare pattern to increase profits instantly. (5+ annotated examples)
  • Forest To The Trees Approach Guide
    Stan’s time-tested approach for identifying the best stocks to buy in leading groups and sectors.


  • Advanced Technical Analysis
    Learn the subtle characteristics which are present in the highest quality opportunities.
  • Winning Characteristics
    Recognize the key factors which allow specific setups to thrive in strong market conditions.


  • Advanced Technical Analysis Checklist
    Keep track of the key elements that appear over and over again in the best setups.


  • Risk Management
    Time-tested concepts for preserving and protecting your capital.
  • Stan’s Sell Rules
    Learn the specific rules that Stan uses to ride trends and protect profits when the tide changes.


  • Stage Analysis Sell Rules PDF
    An easy-to-read guide breaking down the art of selling. Learn how to manage risk and positions by studying previous big winners.


  • Optimal Environments
    Learn to recognize when the conditions are favorable for selling short.
  • Top Short Setups
    Learn the specific patterns that Stan looks for when selling short.


  • Selling Short using Stage Analysis PDF
    The key points to remember in order to manage risk and find opportunities when selling short.


  • Stage Analysis Techniques
    Improve your market timing using updated and exclusive Stage Analysis techniques.
  • Track Rotation
    Stay in tune with emerging trends and capitalize on developing themes.
  • Identify Divergences
    Learn how to read the market’s internals and look for key divergences using market indicators.


  • Stan’s Market Analysis Checklist
    Learn to quickly analyze the market in a simple and effective manner.


  • Prepare Like a Professional
    Gain exclusive access to Stan’s Daily & Weekend routine, formulated over 40+ years trading.
  • Stage Analysis Screens
    Learn how to effectively scan for ideas using Stan’s system.


  • Routine Checklist
    Learn an effective routine to find ideas, manage positions, and prepare for the trading day.


  • Stan’s Trading Commandments
    Revisit the most important principles of the Stage Analysis system.
  • Stage Analysis Review
    Follow along as Stan walks through the key points of the Stage Analysis system, emphasizing how he has adapted his style to suit changing markets.


  • Stan’s Key Lessons
    Stan shares the key lessons he’s learned over 55 years in the market.


  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 1
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 2
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 3
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 4
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Full Cycles

Learning Framework

Learn. Practice. Apply.

Each lesson follows a proven learning methodology that focuses on getting you to take action.

Organized Lessons

Each module is broken down to easily absorb and retain each lesson.

Resources & Tools

Go further and deep-dive into digestible PDFs, Guides, Walkthroughs, and more.

Lesson Summaries

Learn at your own pace without stressing. You’ll have access the key concepts from any lesson anytime anywhere!

Bonus Tools

… Plus some tools to help you simply make more money.

We give you practical tools to help you apply what you learn even after you graduate.

Stan’s Scans

Specific screens designed to identify the best opportunities using the Stage Analysis methodology. Find the best stocks to buy with accuracy and consistency.

Stan’s Indicators

Learn and use the same indicators Stan puts on his charts so he never misses a money-making opportunity.


Exclusive guides designed to emphasize the key points of Stan’s System. Complete with graphics and examples as visual reminders.