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The Ecom Wolf Pack – Dropshipping To Branding Course

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The Ecom Wolf Pack – Dropshipping To Branding Course
The Ecom Wolf Pack – Dropshipping To Branding Course $997.00 Original price was: $997.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Get The Strategies I use to build 7-Figure Ecommerce Businesses!



  • Generate more sales and make more money.

  • Get consistent, predictable, and profitable growth month over month.

  • Input on how to optimize your unique store for maximum growth and profit.

  • Master Facebook, Pinterest and Google Ads, to Scale to 7+ Figures in one single platform.

  • Create a sustainable, enjoyable eCommerce business that supports your financial & lifestyle goals.

I offer the complete eCommerce business framework that teaches online entrepreneurs how to optimize & grow their online business (so you can turn more traffic into customers and unlock your full revenue potential).

What You Get:

  • A-Z How to Create and Optimize Website for Conversions
  • 7 Figures Facebook Ads Blueprint
  • 7 Figures Pinterest Ads Blueprint
  • 7 Figures Google Ads Blueprint
  • Build your own brand, Source and Scale

See What Comes Inside

  • Welcome to The Ecom Wolf Pack

    • A message from the instructor
    • Importance of mindset
    • Why most people fail
    • Joining the exclusive group chat using telegram
    • Diferencia entre US y Europa con latinoamérica. (LATAM ONLY)
  • Shopify Basics & Product research

    • Examples of Successful Ecommerce Stores
    • Difference betweeen social media ads (Pinterest, Facebook) and Google (Search Engine)
    • Product research for Facebook + Pinterest ads
    • Product research using different tools
    • Product research For Google Shopping ads
    • Reverse engineering your competition
    • Quiz
    • Suppliers you can use for dropshipping when starting out – Once at 30 orders a day work with our exclusive supplier for even faster shipping times
    • How to find suppliers (LATAM ONLY) don’t buy till you sell
    • General or Niche Store?
    • How to sign up and contact Shopify
    • How to name your store, trademark, and logo creation
    • Homework
  • Setting up your Shopify Store

    • Theme Selection- Debut Theme
    • How to set up your settings in your store
    • Shopify collections and pages
    • Shopify Main menu and Footer navigation
    • Connecting your domain
    • Quiz
    • Homework
    • Checklist for Website
  • Product Importing

    • How to import products to your store using Oberlo
    • How to add your own products Manually
    • How to set pricing for your product
    • Test your learning
    • Homework
  • Product Descriptions

    • How to design your product page and website for optimal conversions
    • How to find awesome descriptions/Examples of awesome descriptions
    • Product description template
  • Apps you Need and Why

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads

    • Setting up Businesss Manager
    • Setting up your facebook page and ad account
    • Installing facebook App to set up Pixel and link accounts
    • Pixels – Everything you need to know
    • Overview of facebook campaigns
    • ABO and CBO
    • Facebook Advertising policies
    • Set up API Tracking Events
    • Facebook Feedback Scores
  • Preparing To Launch Your Ads

    • How to find your target audience
    • Preparing your Creative (video)
    • How to write a Winning ad copy and Headline
    • How to set up Creatives
    • How to set up your facebook campaigns ABO
    • Duplicating adsets and using existing posts – ABO
    • How to set up your columns for data reading
    • What to look for when testing products and key metrics (KPI-Key performance Indicators)
    • Quiz
    • Homework
  • Fulfilling Orders

    • Negociate with suppliers prices with Bulk Orders and Find Back-Up Suppliers (LATAM ONLY)
    • Que pasa si quiero vender productos que no encuentro en mi país?? (LATAM ONLY)
    • Look for Local Agencies to ship products on your behalf with cash on delivery or build your logistics (LATAM ONLY)
    • Sourcing Agent and Faster Shipping Times
  • Facebook Ad Scaling

    • Should you scale or kill the product?
    • When should you scale ABO?
    • How to Scale? Vertical – Horizontal / ABO
    • Duplicating adsets for faster scaling
    • When should you use CBO to scale
    • How to use BROAD Targeting on Adsets
    • Quiz
    • Homework
  • Retargeting Campaigns

    • Who do we want to retarget and when?
    • Creating Custom Audiences for Retargeting
    • Ad copy for retargeting
    • Setting up your retargeting campaign
    • Quiz
    • Homework
  • Lookalike Audiences For Fb ads

    • When and How to Create LLAs
    • OVERVIEW-Which LLA to Create
    • How to create a LLA campaign
    • Scaling with LAL
    • Exclusions and When to use them
    • Quiz
    • Homeowrk
  • Maximizing profits with these strategies

  • Facebook ads advanced Strategies

  • 7-Figure Pinteres Ads

    • Overview of Pinterest Ads, (Understading the Machine)
    • Create Your Pinterest Business Account
    • Set up Payment method and settings
    • Claim your Domain and IG Account
    • Setting up Your Pinterest Tag
    • How to make your Creatives
    • Campaigns Launch Strategy for Pinterest
    • Setting up your Campaings for Success
    • Interests Vs Keywords
    • Manual Biding Vs Automatic Biding
    • How to Deal with rejected ads
    • Scaling with Manual Biding
    • Scaling With Automatic Biding
    • Optimizing Adgroups
    • Retargeting Campaigns
    • Actalike Campaigns
    • Keep consistency and Sales over tim
  • 7-Figure Google Ads

    • Create Your Google Ads Accounts
    • Creating and setting up your Google Merchant Center
    • Feed Your Products to merchant center
    • Import your reviews to merchant center
    • Creating your shopping ads using 3 tier campaigns
    • Negative Keywords and how to use them
    • What KPIs to look for on Your ads
    • When to increase or decrease your bids
    • Scaling your campaigns
  • Build Your Own Brand


    • When to Brand your products and Why?
    • How to find a supplier for your product/s and Private label
    • How to buy in bulk and Get samples.
    • Protect yourself against scams.
    • Shippinng From Overseas/ Custom Charges / DDP