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TradePro Academy – Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course

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TradePro Academy – Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course
TradePro Academy – Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course $1,999.00 Original price was: $1,999.00.$79.99Current price is: $79.99.

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Futures Day Trading

Professional Development Program

The biggest mistake failing day traders make is starting to trade unprepared and blowing up their account. This failure creates self-sabotaging patterns that are hard, and often impossible to overcome. It is very important to learn day trading the correct way.

Day trading carries a much higher degree of emotionality. In these fast changing markets, it is critical to have an understanding of the tools institutions and professionals are using. You have to learn how to trade like the professionals, or you will end up going against them.

Follow the smart money

Futures markets are transparent and “lit”, meaning that you can see every single order going through the book. Being able to watch this “order flow” gives you the advantage of seeing what the big money traders are doing and trading with them, as retail traders’ stops are being hit.

There are 3 pillars of order flow trading you need to know:

Tracking Big Orders in the Book

Being able to read the real-time book of orders is a top priority skill for institutional traders. This is also called level 2 or “market depth”. You can spot big orders, and use this information to forecast future price movement and where to enter a trade with low risk and high probability. You must know how to read an auction as a day trader.

How Institutional Orders are Changing and Moving

Track if there are new buy or sell orders being added to the market, or if they are being removed. This skill will help you understand the strength and momentum shaping up for a future move. It is also vitally important to spot orders moving in the book, as it confirms or rejects price levels and big moves. Catch fake-outs, reversal and continuations.

Market Imbalances

Market orders move the market. You need to understand how and when orders are actually “traded”. Imbalances help you find high quality entry points, stop runs from retail traders and spot where the big money actually executes their trades. This tool alone gives you laser precision in entry and trade management, and a huge edge in your strategy.

Order Flow Application Example

This day trade is in the S&P 500 futures market, also called the “ES” after it’s trading symbol.

As you can see below, the buyers are willing to pay higher prices to enter the market. You can see this information by the blue “bid” blocks coming in as the market rallies. Each new high that is formed, bids continue pushing up to support the market. The price is being accepted. Ultimately, the price hits a massive block of “offers” (sell orders) above, which have a high probability of stopping and even reversing the move up. This is where it is important to take risk off and get paid. If you don’t get paid when you have profits, when will you get paid?

This trade is just one example of many different high probability, low risk patterns that are identified using order flow analysis.

You can learn them all, along with how and when to use them in our Futures Order Flow Course.

The benefits of day trading futures:

The reality of day trading is that you have the ability to generate large returns with less capital than would be required for stocks or options trading.

Day trading is all about entering and exiting the market on the same day. Futures are also excluded from the Pattern Day Trader rule that prevents accounts with less than $25,000 USD from day trading stocks and options. With this day trading approach, you can sleep easy knowing that your capital is safe overnight. Most importantly, every day is a fresh start, as there is great opportunity if the market goes up or down. You don’t need to forecast future price, you have to get good at reading the real-time order flow!

Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course


This is more than a course, it is a professional futures day trader development program that rivals the training you would receive at an institution.  The concepts you will learn in this program are the exact same ones used by order flow traders in professional settings.

You will also receive resources, assignments and milestones to help you progress through your training.  From trade planning, to a complete list of trading strategies and checklists, this is the one stop shop for futures day traders.

Resources Included

  • Workbook
  • Trading Journal
  • Trading Plan Creation Guide
  • 16 Actionable Lessons
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Application Exercises

Course Itinerary

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Futures
  • Lesson 2: Market Structure Basics
    • BONUS Modules 1-4: Advanced Market Structure
  • Lesson 3: Chart Types
  • Lesson 4: Volume Principles
  • Lesson 5: Volume Profile / Auction Market Theory
  • Lesson 6: Market Correlations
  • Lesson 7: DOM & Order Types
  • Lesson 8: PRO Inventory Patterns
  • Lesson 9: Footprint Charts – Market Imbalances
  • Lesson 10: Delta Divergence
  • Lesson 11: Trading Zone Formation
  • Lesson 12: Risk Management Techniques
  • Lesson 13: Pullback Trading Strategies
  • Lesson 14: Breakout Strategies
  • Lesson 15: Fading Strategies
  • Lesson 16: Trade Exit Strategies
  • Lesson 17: Account Scaling Plan & Routine
  • BONUS: Trade Examples & Demonstrations

Have a plan, or
you are planning to fail.

Day trading successfully is a business, and every business needs a plan. New traders get too excited and start trading with real money way before they are prepared. Did you know if you were to join a proprietary trading firm you would be put through a rigorous development program?

In our program, we will help you construct your trading plan by:

  • Giving you 5 trading setups for high probability
  • Providing you a checklist for each setup, including trade qualifiers
  • Providing you a full trading plan template with examples
  • our targetSharing a small account growth strategy with a proprietary trading risk management plan
  • user of TPATeaching you the full steps of entering, managing and exiting a trade like a professional

When you have a solid trading plan with an edge, you don’t need to predict the market. You can stop wondering when to get in and out. You can stop getting stopped out and trading emotionally. You can finally start trading your plan, like a real professional. Imagine the difference a well crafted plan can make for you?

Is this course right for me?

If you are looking to be an active trader on a daily basis, and hoping to finally achieve consistency – this is the course for you.  Futures trading allows you to participate in multiple markets, and to succeed in any market condition – up markets, down or sideways.  This course is for you if you are serious about a long term career as a day trader.

The Course has been UPDATED to the 2023 version, If you already bought the old version somewhere and just looking to get the newest version of this course released in February.

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