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Trader Dante : Edges for Ledges (Updated)

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Trader Dante : Edges for Ledges
Trader Dante : Edges for Ledges (Updated) $149.95 Original price was: $149.95.$15.99Current price is: $15.99.

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Edges for Ledges was an educational service I ran from January 2017 – June 2018. I have collected the best episodes from the series which I am presenting as a one-off purchase.

There are more than ten hours of content in Edges for Ledges. I have included a list of the topics covered below:

How to draw levels
The circumstances under which I cancel an order
Using the ATR effectively
Defining the exact price to enter trades
The price action I want to see when trading a level
The conundrum of how far to try running a trade
Defining effective targets on trades and both identifying and trading a hammer candlestick pattern when it forms on a daily chart
Adding to trades
Trading the Shooting Star pattern when it forms on a daily chart
Using price action to enter a trade VS a blind touch order
Liquidity pools
How to cut a losing SFP early
Using the SFP as a daily bias and how to enter this pattern on the hourly time frame
Risk management
Trading after significant range expansion
How to effectively pre-empt a liquidity probe
More on anticipating Liquidity Probes
How I traded whilst in a full time job
A detailed walk through of a recent setup in USD/CAD
Pulling an order based on the price action leading into it
A Q&A Session
A look at drawing a market map in EUR/USD