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Trading Fanatic – The TFDW Bundle
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Bundle includes:

Here are all the courses that are included in the bundle:

1st Course:

The fanatic way

What to expect within this course?

This module will help you eliminate all the noise and useless stuff you have learned so far. We will introduce heavily tested concepts that are applied in a systematic way. This will make your trading unemotional, strict and most importantly – profitable!

  • Professional Risk and Money Management Masterclass, Personal Finance insights, Realistic Trading Goals setup and a Plan for action.
  • In-Depth Market Structure and Trend Identification masterclasses that guarantee a Mastery of Market Structure and Market Understanding.
  • A Systematic way of Analysing the Markets each day.
  • Assignments, Checklists, Additional PDFs, Flow Chart, Notion Trading Station and Journaling Processes.

2nd Course:

DW Manipulation Trading

What to expect within this course?

This module will enhance and deepen your understanding of how the markets are manipulated and rigged to take your money and leave you with nothing. Tired of getting stopped out? Here you will learn why that occurs and how to take advantage of it!

  • A systematic approach to trading the manipulation that occurs on a daily basis in the markets.
  • Explaining concepts that you can take and apply to your own unique style of trading.
  • Assignments to test your knowledge and understanding of the course. Multiple PDFs and Case Studies to enhance your familiarity to the concepts.