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TradingMarkets – Quantamentals

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TradingMarkets – Quantamentals
TradingMarkets – Quantamentals $1,995.00 Original price was: $1,995.00.$49.00Current price is: $49.00.

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TradingMarkets – Quantamentals

The Next Great Forefront Of Trading and Investing

What is Quantamentals?

Quantamentals is when you combine high performing quant strategies, with high performing technical analysis strategies, along with high performing fundamental strategies.

The objective is to take the best of all three worlds and combine them in order to create high performing trading and investing strategies.

Here are various examples of Quantamentals:

  • Fundamentals + Technicals + Quantitative Analysis = Quantamentals

  • Value Investing + Trend Following + Momentum Trading = Quantamentals

  • Earnings Growth + Mean Reversion + Low Volatility = Quantamentals

  • Return on Equity + Trend + Momentum = Quantamentals.

Each of these by itself has proven to have edges. What Quantamentals does is take the best of these edges and combining them together to gain the highest edges and returns possible.

This is the heart of Quantamentals – ”You’re Stacking Proven Edges!” This means when it’s done correctly you have better strategies and have the increased opportunity to achieve significantly higher returns.

As you can see, this is the next generation of professional trading and investing!

We’re seeing some of the very best historical test results from combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis along with quantitative analysis and you will too from our  Quantamentals course.