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Van Tharp – Tharp Think Essentials Video Workshop

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Van Tharp – Tharp Think Essentials Video Workshop
Van Tharp – Tharp Think Essentials Video Workshop $1,200.00 Original price was: $1,200.00.$35.00Current price is: $35.00.

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About Course:

Van refers to his successful trading principles collectively as Tharp Think.  He has been teaching his Tharp Think workshop many years but updated it in 2014 to include important additional information his research has revealed.

Van takes the mystery out of trading successfully by helping you understand critical questions that most traders don’t even consider.

Who you are as a trader,

How your personal psychology can work for you instead of against you,

How to think about and manage risk, and

How to develop winning trading systems.

  • Part I  Transformation Levels, Beliefs, and Stored Feelings
  • Part II  Judgment, Personalities, and Feeling Release
  • Part III  Core Psychological Principles
  • Part IV  The Trading Game
  • Part V  Strategizing to Meet Objectives
  • Part VI  Evaluating the Game
  • Part VII  Market Type
  • Part VIII  How to Evaluate a System
  • Part IX  Strategies for Knowing When A System Fits You
  • Part X  Position Sizing to Meet Your Objectives
  • Part XI  Understanding Mistakes
  • Part XII  Core Remaining Principles