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Willy Jay – Supply and Demand

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Willy Jay – Supply and Demand
Willy Jay – Supply and Demand $497.00 Original price was: $497.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Why join the trend late when you can be a part of the 1% of traders that START TRENDS?

Many Forex mentors and institutions focus on lagging Indicators and chart patterns but I only teach retail traders the expensive TRUTH I learnt from my Wall Street mentor, which is low risk high reward trading at market turning points.

Who are those who sold in a market that is bullish long term? Once again, Novice traders are guilty.

They are conditioned by their mentors to buy after an uptrend and sell after a down trend, which is against the trading psychology of big Banks.

It is always better to start analysis from a top bottom approach and not the other way. The bigger picture provides market direction cues better than the lower time frames.

I knew what retail traders will do when AUGUST started, i.e continue a temporary down trend. I did order flow analysis and located where big Banks had previously traded and had their excess unfilled buy orders knowing that they serve as a magnet for price. (Price has to come back to fill those buy orders with sell orders)

By experience and skill, I was able to catch the low of AUGUST 2021. Think and trade like a bank.

To become successful order flow traders goes beyond market structure which is only 29% of the analysis. For many

RBDs are in the market, so which one will give the best low risk trading opportunity? ANS: The one at the right location and not close to an opposing zone.

This 5 – day course builds on the basics of Supply and Demand (order flow) trading from the beginners course in 9 lecture topics.
This course teaches traders the key steps to finding major Demand & Supply zones on a price chart for short term day trading income and gives traders a strategy to profitably trade the highs and lows of the daily time frames. It also provides an algorithm or a checklist called the “Odd Enhancer” which traders will use to find very high probability markert turning points.

At the end of the Advanced course graduates will be invited into the prestigious global GBTA Advanced telegram community which offers lifetime trading support.


  • Market turning points
  • Market structures
  • How to accurately locate Demand & Supply zones of big Banks / Institutions
  • Odd enhancers
  • Risk management