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Write Like A Pro – Niklas Göke
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A professional writer publishes frequently, is read widely, and benefits from their work financially.

Write Like A Pro will teach you how to finally establish
a consistent writing practice, reach a wide audience,
and monetize your work in different ways.

Every failed writer has failed for the exact, same reason: they stopped writing.

With this course, that won’t happen to you.

This program is perfect for frustrated writers, who really want to make writing their career, but somehow got stuck or even quit along the way.

It is optimized for non-fiction writing, but works for fiction too.

In Write Like A Pro, you will learn:

  • The professional mindset with which some of today’s most successful authors managed to continue in the face of rejection, sometimes for decades.
  • How to use methods of behavior change to quickly build momentum and cement a regular writing habit.
  • Why you need a deliberate writing practice, what that looks like, and how you can use it to let your work speak for itself (aka how to market yourself without marketing).
  • What specific writing tactics must go in your toolbox, as you build your own arsenal of writing techniques.
  • How to break into various, new writing platforms, like Quora and Medium, and reach a large audience within weeks, not years (without needing your own website).
  • Why you don’t have to write books, and how you can work your way to a full-time income when you monetize your writing in multiple ways.

…and a whole lot more!

If you want writing to be your career,
Write Like A Pro the only thing that matters is consistency.

When I first started writing, I didn’t know what professional writers know: the only thing that matters is being consistent.

That’s the “big secret” of writing. You have to find a way to sit down in your chair over, and over, and over again. That’s it.

But amateurs don’t know that. I didn’t know that. And so I wasn’t consistent.

I would have three great ideas and write about them three weeks in a row. Then, I’d hit a snag and not publish anything for a month.

It was only when I made a conscious effort at building a real writing habit that failure started to faze me less and less.

But when I think back to all my lowest points, my worst moments, the last thing I would have wanted to hear is “try harder.” I honestly believe it would’ve made me quit.

Because here’s another truth about writing:

Write Like A Pro If you’ve picked up a pen already, even just once, and loved it, consistency will come naturally once your frustrations wash away.

That’s why you have to keep playing around with different things. Eventually, stuff will click into place. But to do that, you must find a practice that lets you enjoy the process itself.

This course is designed to help you develop that practice. It is two parts strategy and one part tactics.

I want to share all of my experiences, my frustrations, my highs and lows with you. All while giving you actionable marketing tactics, timeless writing techniques, and creative ways to financially benefit from your work.

These are the tight ropes and loose ends I wish I had to guide and inspire me way back when.

Write Like A Pro By the end of this course, you will have:

  • The mindset to succeed in committing yourself to being a full-time writer.
  • A system for writing regularly and publishing on a set schedule.
  • A process to improve your writing, which will ensure you’ll get better.
  • A set of marketing tactics that work, without taking away from your craft.
  • An exact plan for creating multiple income streams based on your writing.
  • Dozens of new writing tricks and techniques up your sleeve.
  • Digested 10,000+ hours of experience in this industry in just a few hours of your time.

…and an understanding of everything that separates amateur writers from the pros.

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