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YOYAO Hsueh – Topical Maps Unlocked

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YOYAO Hsueh – Topical Maps Unlocked
YOYAO Hsueh – Topical Maps Unlocked $397.00 Original price was: $397.00.$19.99Current price is: $19.99.

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What You Get:

Topical Authority Made Simple

A topical map is a visual representation of the main topics, subtopics, and supporting content within your industry. It allows you to clearly outline the scope and depth of your knowledge and expertise, and helps you organize and present your content in a logical and easily digestible way.

This course is designed to help you establish your site as a topical authority by creating and using a comprehensive topical map. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to research, organize, and present your content in a way that showcases your expertise and builds credibility to users and search engines.

Course will have many over-the-shoulder videos, including the build-out of a new topical map on a niche that the pre-launch students will help pick out!

Lessons in Topical Maps Unlocked: Topical Authority Made Simple:

  • Welcome to Topical Maps Unlocked!
  • Overview of the Tools We Will Use
  • New Site vs Existing Site Approaches
  • What Is Topical Authority and Why is It Important for SEO?
  • What is the Topical Authority Approach?
  • What is a Topical Map?
  • How to Read a Topical Map
  • How Topical Maps Influence Site Architecture, Internal Links, and Anchor Text
  • Examples of Sites With Good Topical Maps and Authority
  • Choosing a Niche and Starting Point
  • Breaking Down the Niche With the Template
  • Competitor Research and Analysis Using the Tool
  • What Keyword Research Tools to Use
  • Researching and Gathering Keywords
  • Analyzing and Filtering Keywords
  • Clustering Keywords
  • Intro to Topical Hierarchy and Site Architecture
  • Creating the Topical Map and Hierarchy
  • Creating the Mind Map From the Spreadsheet
  • Creating the Site Architecture in WordPress
  • Turning a Topical Map Into a Content Plan
  • Where to Start Writing Content
  • Do Content Quality and Relevance Matter?
  • Internal Linking With a Topical Map
  • Managing Your Anchor Text
  • Keeping the Topical Map and Content Plan Up to Date
  • Tracking and Measuring Results
  • Creating a Topical Map for an Existing Site
  • Cannibalization, Pruning, and Updating Content
  • Putting It All Together