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How Telegram Course Delivery Works

This are courses we deliver to directly on telegram using our telegram bot. This courses has been uploaded to our bot and we’ve setups instructions for the bot who and when to deliver this course to. Just follow the process and you will see it’s easy-peasy.

If you want to see the list of all the courses available in this category, CLICK HERE.

Some frequently asked questions before we continue:

What is the different between mega link and Telegram delivered

The one you buy from the site using the checkout is the mega link. You get access to the course from your dashboard immediately after your payment is successful while in telegram deliver course, you have to send your order number and the course you paid for to our telegram bot and our telegram bot will do his magic and forward you the course you paid for

Why is it cheaper to the one we order from your site and get a download link to?

First of all, It is the same package, you get exactly the same thing. But the reason why it is cheaper is telegram doesn’t charge us to use storage, but mega does. If you want a mega link, you will have to pay more.

Will I get an update those those courses just like i get automatic update from the dashboard if I buy mega links?

Unfortunately No, All courses in which we provide an update to is done automatically, so therefore if you are buying telegram delivered, it is limited to that version you bought as at the time.

If I request for an update manually like contacting the admin, will it be provided for me

No, the future update features is limited to those that buys mega link alone

I cannot find the courses i want on the telegram cost list but it is available on the site

Not all courses are available for telegram delivered courses. If you cannot find the course you are looking for in the list, It means it is not available for telegram download. Order directly from the site and get the mega download link

Since we get that off the way, Now let’s continue

If you want to see the list of all the courses available in this category, Click here.

Steps to get a course deliver to you on telegram

  1. Order for the course: Click here to order for the course, You can add as many as possible to the cart as showed in the image below.

2. Make Payment for your order: Proceed and checkout, make payment for the order and wait till it all processed and status change to successfully

3. Send the order number or ID to @atslibraryBot on telegram: After the payment is successful, You will get an order ID. That’s all you need. Just go to telegram and search for @atslibraryBot and write message in this format to the bot. Your order ID and the course you paid for. If you paid for more than one courses, separate each course with a comma. Examples can be seen in the image below

And Viola, You get your course delivered

If you want to see the list of all the courses available in this category, CLICK HERE.

You want to order, CLICK HERE

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