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ADmission – TikTok Ads Playbook

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Admission – TikTok Ads Playbook
ADmission – TikTok Ads Playbook $347.00 Original price was: $347.00.$19.99Current price is: $19.99.

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About The TikTok Ads Playbook

TikTok Ads Playbook was created by Common Thread Collective.

We’re an eCommerce growth agency that partners with some of the world’s top brands to help them grow their online sales profitably.

We created this program by combining all of the top strategies, tools, & ad templates we have on TikTok advertising to better serve our clients and ADmission members.

By now, everyone knows TikTok isn’t a fad, TikTok is here to stay

TikTok already has 2.5x more users than Twitter. Not only that, but TikTok is the biggest social media platform after Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Here’s what happens when you’re doing TikTok like everyone else :

Can you go viral on TikTok? For sure. But can most brands/creators go viral on a regular basis? Probably not. In reality, most brands/creators see:

  • Slow results
  • Results don’t last
  • Results are unpredictable and hard to repeat
  • ​Takes too much time
  • ​Tiring to stay on top of ever-changing trends


But what if you can get great results like these (in any industry) without having to constantly create new content?

  • Kabonster — 3M Followers A traditional service business that fixes iPhones, shares their process, and generates hundreds of thousands of views per video!
  • Cirkul — 156.9K Followers An unknown water bottle brand until it went viral on TikTok with its unique flavor cartridges that transform how water tastes and even hit a $1B valuation
  • We’re Not Really Strangers — 4.4M Followers A card game born out of the idea of fostering meaningful connections, that few people knew about until it exploded in popularity on TikTok
  • Chipotle — 2M Followers A big brand you probably know about that is forward-looking and now has a massive audience they can promote to and connect with whenever they want

TikTok Ads Playbook

  • Pillar 1: Overview…..($799 Value)
  • Pillar 2: Easy Ads…..($3,499 Value)
  • Pillar 3: The Perfect Ads Setup…..($1,299 Value)
  • Pillar 4: Algorithm Secret……($1,599 Value)
  • Pillar 5: Launching With Ease……..($1,999 Value)
  • ​Pillar 6: Infinite Scaling…………($2,499 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 50+ Plug n’ Play Ad Templates………..($1,650 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Library of 654+ Proven Video-Openers That Grab And Keep Attention……..($1,650 Value)
  • BONUS #3: 250+ Call To Action Templates For Your Ads….($1,199 Value)
  • BONUS #4: The Facebook Ad to TikTok Ad Template…..($750 Value)
  • BONUS #5: No B.S. Blueprint To Launching TikTok Ads With Maximum Success……..($750 Value)
  • BONUS #6: TikTok Ads & Creative Tracking Master Template…….($399 Value)
  • BONUS #7: Create A Dozen of World-Class TikTok Videos In 15 Minutes Or Less………………($799 Value)
  • BONUS #8: TikTok Ads Manager Template………..($399 Value)
  • BONUS #9: TikTok Budget Calculator…………($399 Value)
  • BONUS #10: “When Things Go Wrong” 10-Part Series….($1,999 Value)

Get Complete Access To Common Thread Collective’s “TikTok Ads Playbook”

As soon as you enroll, you receive access to:

  • 300+ Step-by-step Videos To Create Tiktok Ad Success – Even If You’re A Beginner
  • Launch Bonus #1: 50+ Plug N’ Play Ad Templates
  • Launch Bonus #2: Library Of 654+ Proven Video-openers That Grab And Keep Attention
  • ​Launch Bonus #3: 250+ Call To Action Templates For Your Ads
  • ​Launch Bonus #4: The Facebook Ad To Tiktok Ad Template
  • ​Launch Bonus #5: The No B.S. Blueprint To Launching Tiktok Ads With Maximum Success
  • ​Launch Bonus #6: Tiktok Ads & Creative Tracking Master Template
  • ​Launch Bonus #7: How To Create A Dozen World-class Tiktok Videos In 15 Minutes Or Less (Private Training)
  • ​Launch Bonus #8: Tiktok Ads Manager Template
  • ​Launch Bonus #9: TikTok Budget Calculator
  • ​Launch Bonus #10: The “When Things Go Wrong” 10-Part Series