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Aeromir – Best of the Best Collars Course

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Aeromir – Best of the Best Collars Course
Aeromir – Best of the Best Collars Course $799.00 Original price was: $799.00.$59.99Current price is: $59.99.

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About Course

Stratagemtrade & Amy Meisnner


​Two of the Best Instructors in the Business Describing their BEST Collars Strategies.

​October 7 and ​​8, 2023

Do you own any stock, or you have wish to own shares in a company?

Two of the best instructors in the option trading industry are collaborating on a Creative Collars ​​class in what is the first joint effort between these two highly respected traders.

​Amy Meissner and Scott (also known as J. L. Lord) will guide you intentionally through a comprehensive two-day journey, covering collars from basic to advanced levels. The workshop will include the widely acclaimed Triple Threat/Triple Return Method (CIS: Call Instead of Stock) and Five-Year collars Millionaire (5YM) strategies. Regardless of your level of sophistication, there will be new stock (and stock substitute) strategies never taught by either industry legend. This is the Alpha and Omega class on Collars.

Amy Meisnner

Amy Meissner is a prominent figure in the world of options trading, celebrated for her expertise and dedication to empowering traders. With an options trading career spanning more than 18 years, she is known for pioneering high-probability option strategies that generate consistent weekly and monthly income, all while remaining market-neutral and eliminating the need to predict market directions.

As a renowned educator, Amy has conducted several workshops and courses, enabling countless individuals to master the art of options trading, all without the need to be tied to the computer all day.

This meticulously orchestrated class contains:

  • Two Days of Instruction (The class will be recorded.)
  • PDF of Class Slides
  • Call Instead of Stock eBook (30 pages)
  • Five-Year Millionaire Example, Worksheet and  eBook (45 pages)
  • Other Materials Distributed in Class
  • Bonus P.O.T. Classes
    • Collars Strategies Mini Class Primer
    • Shorting the Dividend Pool
    • Call Instead of Stock and Five-Year Millionaire


We know there will be many questions from participants after they go out in start playing with their favourite stock. The following month (date to be determined) Scott and Amy will host a 2-hour Q&A session. We will send out a link to submit your questions, and we try to prepare slides to answer them in the most clear and visual manner.

Included Topics

Creative Collars (Remedial to Intermediate)

  • Married Put
  • Covered Call
  • Collar
  • Put Sale to Acquire Stock
  • Triple Threat/Triple Return Method
  • (a.k.a. CIS: Call Instead of Stock)
  • Alternative Entry Methods

Dynamic Hedging & Maintenance (Intermediate to Advanced)

  • Rolling Calls
  • Rolling Puts
  • Collar Rolling
  • Rolling when Caught
  • Zero Cost Stock Accumulation

5YM: The 5-Year Millionaire (Advanced)

  • Candidate Selection
  • Theory
  • Entrance
  • Rolling
  • Closing
  • New Take on Trade