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Alex Comerma – Instagram Freedom Accelerator Program 2.0

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Alex Comerma – Instagram Freedom Accelerator Program 2.0
Alex Comerma – Instagram Freedom Accelerator Program 2.0 $697.00 Original price was: $697.00.$24.99Current price is: $24.99.

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Learn How To Transform Your Instagram Account, Into a High Performing Business

(Finally, an all-in-one coaching program that just works!)

How I Went From Studying 24/7 To A Full-Time Entrepreneur.

“You can become whoever you want to become. No matter where you are at right now in life”

I went from failing +4 businesses, being at my lowest and studying all day to take over in the IG Business niche, growing to +200k followers and generating 5figures/mo.

⁣The best thing it’s that I’m a normal 18-year-old from Barcelona, Spain willing to change his life.⁣⁣⁣ I have always been against the 9-5 lifestyle and had a strong desire to live life on my own terms.⁣⁣

When I was in high-school I realized that building a following online and monetizing it could make me travel the world financed by my phone. Then I didn’t hesitate to build my own following.⁣⁣

Make a full-time income online without expensive advertising

You’ll learn how to leverage digital assets and build your own biz on IGin 90 days without spending money on ads using a 4-Step Instagram Growth Engine.

I didn’t buy followers, use bots, or hire a ‘growth service’ to do it for me. I used my own strategy that puts my content in front of the right people, at the right time, which entices them to follow, visit my website and purchase my products.

And now, I’m handing over mystep-by-step strategyto you, so you can use Instagram to build your business and grow your income, too!

Meet Coach Alex


Owner of 6figureideas and multiple Pages on IG.

Managed to build a 5-figure business in less than 4 months of hard-work & growing to +200k network on the most popular social media in the world.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming social media can be. But after deciding to start my business, I took the strategies I’d learned from client work and 6-7 figure earners mentors, and applied them to my own business.

I can’t wait to be your coach and teach you all the IG Secrets that allowed me to dropout from school and live my dream life.


TheFLEXIBILITYto control your own hours?

The CONFIDENCEto build a thriving business from scratch?

TheFREEDOM to choose how you want to live your life — now and for your future?


The new and improved, all-in-one coaching program on growing a profitable Instagram Business in 2021 and beyond.

The only program you will need to make a full-time income from Instagram, 100% organic.

This program was built to hold nothing back. To take you from ZERO TO HERO.

Laying The Foundation Of A 6-figure Business

Build a strong marketing foundation while growing an audience of targeted and devoted followers who actually care about what you post and sell. A to Z Action Plan.

Become The #1 Authority In Your Niche

Position yourself as an expert, so that you start effortlessly converting your followers into actual paying customers while no longer have to stress about making money.

$5k-$10k In 30 Days Roadmap

Go through the proven system build to acquire clients organically (no paid ads) and get your business to multiple 4-figures a month within 90 days!

What Exactly Will You Learn From This Program?

Get immediately download Alex Comerma – Instagram Freedom Accelerator Program 2.0


Module 0: Orientation and Mindset (24h)
  • Introduction: Fundamentals + Roadmaps(12:37)
  • Orientation [START HERE FIRST](13:26)
  • Join the weekly Mentorship sessions
  • Mindset Shifts Needed To Become A 6-Figure Entrepreneur(10:45)
  • Time Management Strategies To 10X Your Income(5:41)
  • Successful vs Unsuccessful Students(4:39)
  • Establishing Your Why (Worksheet)(3:47)
  • Setting Up Calendly –
  • Do You Want A FREE 1on1 Call?(0:57)
WEEK 1: Laying Your Foundation
  • Niche Page Business Model Explained(2:18)
  • The Instagram Brand Engine (IBE)(5:30)
  • CRITICAL: Niche Identification – How To Find Your Niche(7:34)
  • 1-Week ROI System(6:44)
  • Find Your TMS (Worksheet)(6:08)
  • DFY IG Bio + Username(9:24)
  • Setting Up Your IG Business Brand(7:53)
  • Content Creation Guidelines(11:22)
  • Apply For 2k Growth Package!(2:14)
  • Dedicated Page Reviews
WEEK 2: Traffic + Content
  • Traffic: Building Your Social Media Audience(4:30)
  • IG Organic Growth(10:35)
  • Daily Growth Engine Activities(4:35)
  • Do You Want A Free Shoutout?(1:40)
  • Proven Content: REELS(2:48)
  • Reels – The Best Stratgy In The Market(15:56)
  • Proven Content: STORIES + Story Software(11:12)
  • Offer Builder Worksheet(28:32)
WEEK 3: Creating An Online Presence
  • PRSO System(15:47)
  • Testimonial Acquisition – Boost Your Credibility(10:47)
  • How to acquire testimonials (Practical)(6:34)
WEEK 4: Offer Delivery + Signing Clients
  • 4-Step Growth Engine(9:28)
  • Seize the opportunity to have me as your MENTOR…0-$1,000 In Sales Within 4 Weeks (Beginners)(6:10)
  • Closing Your First Client(3:47)
  • 4-Figure Daily Roadmap(8:03)
  • Monetization Mastery(16:17)
  • Online Coaching Business(18:07)
  • $300k/mo Sales Script(13:29)
  • $1k/day DM Closing Script(5:05)
4.1: Lead Generation: Book Appointments
  • Lead Generation Sources(5:16)
  • Lead Gen: REELS(14:14)
  • Cold Outreach – Outbound Leads(5:01)
  • Cold Outbound – Practical(6:02)
4.2: DM Conversations
  • How To Book Appointments(15:02)
  • How To Confirm Sales Calls(2:59)
  • How To Followup(3:07)
  • Appointment Setting – Case Studies(11:49)
Module 5: The Scaling Blueprint
  • Hire a Top-Tier Team For Your Business(13:19)
  • Value Ladder(10:06)
  • Influencer Marketing(8:04)
  • 4-5fig Business Infraestructure(13:04)
  • Become A Big Dog In Your Niche(7:22)
  • Do you Want A Free $250?(3:23)
  • Hold Nothing Back Call- $10,000/Months(3:23)
ZOOM Q&A Calls
  • Q&A Call-5/10/2021(31:15)
  • Q&A Call 19/10/2021(65:40)
  • Q&A Call 27/10/2021(72:20)
  • Q&A Call 2/11/2021 (ORGANIC GROWTH LESSON)(58:19)
  • Q&A Call 9/11/2021(45:27)
  • Q&A Call 23/11/2021(61:57)
  • Q&A Call 30/11/2021(64:26)
  • Q&A Call 28/12/2021(95:16)
  • Q&A Call 04/1/2022(59:45)
  • Q&A Call 12/1/2022(80:50)
  • Q&A Call 18/1/2022(66:29)
  • Q&A Call 25/1/2022(69:39)
  • Q&A Call 1/2/2022(55:24)
  • Q&A Call 8/2/2022(39:02)
High Perfomance Training – Build A Profitable Business While Working A 9-5
  • How To Master Your Energy – Reach High Performance(7:01)
  • Energy Management + E. BoostersWork Hacks For High Performance(8:53)
Tech Setup: Payments, Tools, Resources…
  • Hashtags Research –
  • Business Mockups –
  • Logo Creation – (Theme Page)(6:05)
  • Content Creation Foundations –
  • Content Automation – Creator Studio(4:25)
  • Craft a bio that converts – IG
  • Taking Payments Via PayPal(3:03)
  • Taking Payments Via Stripe(3:34)
Extra Lessons
  • Get To Know Me & My Story!(4:50)
  • Instagram Growth In Depth(27:33)
  • Creating Your Vision Board(4:49)
  • Develop An Effective Sales Mindset/Pshychology(28:13)
  • Proven Content: POSTS(6:05)
  • How To Get An IG Disabled Account