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Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads

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Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads
Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads $1,497.00 Original price was: $1,497.00.$29.00Current price is: $29.00.

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The average Facebook user spends 30–40 minutes a day on the social platform — but that same person spends 155 minutes a day surfing the web or scrolling through other social sites.
So while Facebook is our primary advertising channel and the one we recommend media buyers start with, as your business grows you want to scale across all of the places your customers spend their time.
To do this, you need to develop an omni-channel traffic strategy.

Google has 2x the reach of Facebook & Instagram combined, reaching 97% of the entire Internet. So no matter who your ideal customers are or where they spend their time, you can find more of them on Google than anywhere else. Once you learn how to become a full-stack marketer, you can grow any brand using an omni-channel approach that leverages all 4 major ad platforms for maximum visibility and scale.

Easily scale your Facebook ads onto YouTube

Optimize your existing ad creative for YouTube

Copy Brett’s 3 best video ad templates

Set up your YouTube ads account for success

Build out your TrueView Campaign from start to finish

Track the right metrics for troubleshooting & optimization


In Smart Google Ads, you get 8 modules with 91 videos that combine in-depth strategy and step-by-step tutorials to help you leverage the wide-reaching power of Google.


Crucial Cornerstones Of Google Ads:

⊕ The Goal
⊕ “Why Your Business Needs to Beef Up Google Ads”
⊕ Demand Generation v. Capture Generation
⊕ Google Ads & Your Media Mix
⊕ 4 Pillars of Google Ads
⊕ Strengths & Weaknesses of Google Ads


Preparing To Run Traffic On Google:

⊕ Charting Your Direction
⊕ Getting Familiar With KPIs
⊕ Conversion Tracking
⊕ Setting Up Your Conversion Tracking
⊕ Attribution Models & Your Source of Truth
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Messaging
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Images
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Videos
⊕ Creating Remarketing Audiences
⊕ Types of Targeting


Google Search:

⊕ Search Ads and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Targeting the RIGHT Keywords
⊕ Conducting Keyword Research
⊕ Leveling-Up with Quality Score
⊕ Segmenting Campaigns
⊕ Structuring Ad Groups
⊕ Search Ad Copy
⊕ Utilizing Search Assets (aka Extensions)
⊕ Manual Bidding v. Smart Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Search Campaigns
⊕ Optimizing Your Search Campaigns
⊕ Advanced Tools & Tactics
⊕ “Search is Where Google Got Its Start”


Google Shopping:

⊕ Google Shopping and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Merchant Center Overview
⊕ Types of Product Feeds
⊕ Elements of a Product Feed
⊕ Product Reviews
⊕ Google Merchant Center & Promotions
⊕ Google Shopping Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Google Shopping Campaign
⊕ Google Shopping Optimizations
⊕ “It All Starts With Your Products”


Performance Max:

⊕ Performance Max and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Elements of an Asset Group
⊕ Performance Max Ad Copy & Assets
⊕ Performance Max Strategies & Best Practices
⊕ Performance Max Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Performance Max Campaign
⊕ Performance Max Optimizations
⊕ “The Machine Will Make It Better Over Time”



⊕ YouTube and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ 7 Must Have Elements of a YouTube Video
⊕ 8 Winning YouTube Ad Templates
⊕ Laying the Foundation with Remarketing
⊕ Building Our Remarketing Audiences
⊕ YouTube Remarketing Strategies
⊕ YouTube Bidding Strategies
⊕ Building Out Your YouTube Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Using YouTube for Top of Funnel Ads
⊕ Building Top of Funnel Audiences
⊕ Building Out Your Top of Funnel YouTube Campaign
⊕ YouTube Optimizations
⊕ “It All Starts With Your Video”


Display & Discovery:

⊕ Display & Discovery and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Google Display vs. Google Discovery
⊕ Display and Discovery Campaign Types
⊕ Display and Discovery Ad Types
⊕ Using Display and Discovery for Top of Funnel Ads
⊕ Display and Discovery Bid Strategies
⊕ Crafting Your Message: Display and Discovery Ad Copy
⊕ The Most Important Element of Image Ads: Selecting Your Image!
⊕ Building Out Your Display Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Building Out Your Display Top of Funnel Campaign
⊕ Display Ads Optimizations
⊕ Building Out Your Discovery Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Building Out Your Discovery Top of Funnel Campaign
⊕ Discovery Ads Optimizations


Using Google For Full Funnel Marketing:

⊕ Putting All the Channels Together
⊕ Full-Funnel Perspective
⊕ Full-Funnel Perspective: Portfolio Metrics
⊕ Balancing the Budget
⊕ ROAS Based Budget Model Walkthrough
⊕ Leveraging Third-Party Tracking Tools
⊕ “Google Ads As a Catalysis To Grow”