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Braveheart Trading – Market Structure MasterClass Course

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Braveheart Trading – Market Structure MasterClass Course
Braveheart Trading – Market Structure MasterClass Course $97.00 Original price was: $97.00.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.

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Trade Better, Profit More, Build a Sustainable Trading Career, & Get Plentiful Setups That Repeat Frequently.

Trading isn’t easy. At all. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

If you’ve already started, you know how it feels to stare at a chart and get paralyzed, questioning which level you should choose, then become hesitant to execute on it due to second-guessing and overthinking, and just generally get stopped out over and over again.

It hurts, it makes you less confident, and the people around you often don’t understand why you continue trading.

I know because I was there for years. I’ve felt that doubt and gone through that struggle.

  • I couldn’t trust my stop loss which was a sign of low confidence in trading.
  • I was paralyzed at Market Opens causing me to impulsively chase prices.
  • I lacked clarity in my Directional Bias causing me to second judge my entries.

Also since I lacked clarity in my Directional Bias, I wouldn’t be able to hold my winning trades.

The moment I solved all these issues was when I realized I was suffering from a Clarity Trading Flaw.

The moment you have clarity in your trading is the moment you will become a less emotional trader.

I also know that the more context and framework you have behind your trading, the quicker you say goodbye to emotional trading.

This video series shows you exactly how to do that.

Consistent trading comes from having a step-by-step approach that breaks down the price with clarity so you know exactly what you are looking for.

This video series shows you an approach to maneuvering around Price Action, systematically, from the Higher Time Frames for bias to the Lower Time Frames for executions.

The outcome is:

  • Not fearing a stop out again because you now view them as business costs for your trading.
  • Knowing when and when not to participate in the markets, so you are not wasting time.
  • Becoming utterly present to the moment, therefore executing your trading setups flawlessly and NOT impulsively trading.
  • Mastering your greed and curating the ability to hold and manage trades for high risk: reward setups.

This video course gives you the benefits of spending a few hours with a pro, gives multiple pieces of content that you can refer back to whenever you want, and with the Braveheart Membership, you will receive EXTRA Modules and Market Reviews every week…

This is everything I wish I had before I got started. Now I want you to have it for a price that almost anyone can afford.

What’s Included

  • Market Structure Essentials: Understanding the basics of Market Structure and removing the clarity trading flaw
  • The Higher Time Frames Protocol: How to operate on the Higher Time Frames to always find a directional bias
  • Market Structure Advanced: Taking a quantum leap in understanding Market Structure to an Interbank level
  • Advanced Market Structure with Order Blocks: Utilizing Order Blocks correctly with Advanced Market Structure for plentiful setups
  • Swing Projections for Market Structure Targets: Finding price targets based on Advanced Market Structure
  • High Probability Trading vs Low Probability Trading: How to analyze trades setups for a sustainable trading career
  • Pre-Sale Bonus: 3 month access to Braveheart Membership (available for a limited period)

Who It’s For

  • Traders who repeat the same trading mistakes frequently despite knowing what to do
  • Traders who are suffering by emotional trading such as revenge trading or rushing trades
  • Traders who want to become funded by a prop-firm long-term
  • Traders who want to want to level up their skills and performance
  • Traders who want a long-lasting career in trading.

Why Now Is The Time To Buy (Pre-sale Offer)

Get 3 month access to the Braveheart Membership + the Market Structure Masterclass.

The Braveheart Membership is not a static product. It’s a training program.

Instead, I’m going to keep adding videos and documents every week.

As the value rises, so will the price.

My current plan:

  • £147 per quarter during launch (September 1st 2022)
  • £247 per quarter after that.
  • £347 per quarter in the upcoming years.

If you get in now, you get it at the current price, and you get every update/addition.

The “Do It Yourself” Trap

When I started my trading journey, I decided not to buy any books, courses, consultations, or subscriptions.

I was sure that I could do it myself, and I was convinced that this was my best option.

Ends up, I did eventually get results.

The problem was, it took me roughly 4 years to get any traction at all and over a year to become a legitimate success story.

What I realized was this…

  • Buying education is only partially about discovering knowledge.
  • The other benefit is saving the energy you’ll spend on failing and direct it towards growth.
  • And more importantly, the 12-18 months you might waste following flawed logic.

Ask yourself…

  • How much is an hour of your time worth?
  • How much will it cost if you waste 20, 100, or 1,000 hours?
  • How much are you willing to invest to avoid this “do it yourself” trap?

I really don’t want you to waste all that time on trial and error, like I did.

If you don’t either, then this class is the perfect resource.

It’s Time To Make a Decision

Nobody likes to part with their hard-earned cash.

But think about this:

  • Using a proper trading approach will prevent you from blowing current and future accounts.
  • Having a proper framework behind your trades will prevent emotional trading.
  • My instruction will help you avoid mistakes and level up faster than you ever could on your own.

More importantly, think about:

  • How much time you’ll waste with bad trades.
  • How much money you’ll waste with bad trades.
  • How you’ll feel if you procrastinate for another week, month, or year.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose your preferred package, hit the ‘I want this’ button, wait for your invite email, and let’s get to work.